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Did you ever get someone really GOOD? My teenaged son liked to lift weights to heavy metal music, not my favorite! I am a classical musician, so I really didn't appreciate the stereo blasting right beneath me as I tried to watch t.v. I would stomp on the floor, and John and his buddy would come to the bottom of the steps and say, "Did you want something? We can't hear you because the music's too loud!" Well, as much as I appreciated the humor, I had to get them back. So, one night, just before I left the house, I rounded up every portable radio in the house, and tuned every one to the f.m. classical station. I set each one in front of a register in a different part of the house, turned on the big stereo system-full blast, and then turned on all the radios, and left--with a smile on my face. I don't know how long it took him to find them all, but he took it really well. He was still smiling when I got home!
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maybe something to help you appreciate some of that 'heavy metal', or death metal stuff. Is knowing that it is just as equally difficult to play as classical music
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If you're talking Jimmi Hendrix, I agree. I respect everyone's right to like their own music. This was only a prank.
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Or maybe try some Baroque music to see what he thinks. I'm thinking Pachelbel, for example. (Did someone say Taco Bell? ) That basso profundo often appeals to people used to drum-driven rock and roll.
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Actually, he came to see several operas. His favorite was Carmen. I think he was actually proud of me! I know I'm proud of him. He tried every instrument I brought home-only once though!
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Sounds like you got him good on that one!
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Hahaha... you evil wicked cruel lady Jeanie.....:LOL: :LOL: I bet he secretly played "air guitar" to it before he turned it off!! :LOL:
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