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Paralysis? Please help.

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Dear all,

It was _really_ nice to find such a great forum! This is my first post. I've got a problem with my cat and I live in a third world country, where veterinary facilities are really scarce. The doctors can't say what's really wrong. It'll really be a BIG help if you can provide some valuable

I have a two year old cat. She had fleas from the eginning. Fleas are very common here, so I didn't bother. I didn't know that fleas pose a threat to health and all that.

She was a very lively cat, until about a month ago. I suddenly noticed that he gate is not very steady and she didn't feel very well. I thought it would go away, but her limbs started to get worse and she was falling down often when she tried to walk or run. Her hind quarters are mostly affected.

She was also scratching a lot, especially around ears.

We took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with 104 degrees of fever. He gave him a 250 mg shot of Ceftriaxone antibiotic, and we continued the treatment for another four days. Her fever subsided, but her limbs were the same.

The vet couldn't tell us anything about the reason for this stiffness of limbs. Then we found another vet, who told us she probably has got "tick paralysis" and prescribed Frontline (Fipronil) spray. I've applied it, and after a few days, had also given a Ivermectin injection. The
improvement wasn't very apparent at first, but she started to show some good signs after some days passed. Her condition began to improve...

But from the last few days, it has started to get worse again. She has great deal of difficulty to get up when she is lying down, and falls down after a few steps. She can't use the litter box properly (she can't stand there), and her ears are very itchy.

Being frustrated, I sprayed Frontline into her ears. How safe/effective is it? We gave her another "booster" dose of Ivermectin yesterday. No improvement so far.

Did someone else face this problem? Is the treatment that is being conducted right? Please share what you know. I'll be VERY grateful if you can help. Thanks a lot in advance.
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Yes, fleas and ticks are very harmful to our pets! I really hope she can recover. I found a page with loads of info for you. I hope you veiw it and get something from it.

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