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Unprovoked Runt finally found someone she can beat up

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For those of you who've seen my other threads, you know we introduced Molly a few weeks ago into our clan. All has been going very well. She gets along well with most all of my babies (some minor hissing, but nothing major). Her and Pebbles even play together now. But.....I've got one little tabby that has attacked her completely unprovoked. Granted it's only happened a couple of times, but they aren't nice attacks. I thought the first time maybe they just accidentally ran into each other around a corner or something, but what I"ve seen since is that all it takes is for Molly to spot Peanut, she gets scared and tries to quickly "trot" out of the room to get away. Peanut apparently sees this as a sign to chase Molly down at full speed through the house, hissing, screaming, etc. and yes they've tangled a couple of times. The only thing that I can think of to explain it is that Peanut was the runt and has always been the smallest. She doesn't get pushed around in my home, but I'm just wondering if she still sees this as finally having someone she can push around. With that said though, how can I try to stop this or should I let them go (as long as their is no bloodshed)? When it happens I do separate them for some downtime. Molly goes back upstairs to where she was staying when she first came to stay with us (and I know she sees this as her safe spot cause that's where she runs when she's scared). I worry about her though because I am discovering that she is easily pushed around and scared by the others. She just passed Snickers in the hall a few minutes ago and that was enough to send her running back upstairs where she feels safe. Poor thing.
I'm just wondering what to do about these chases and attacks if anything. Should I be concerned? I can hear screaming as they are running, but that may all be just noise. I'm just afraid to leave them for extended periods alone still for fear of one of these breaking out.
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Now things have changed - but not for the better I don't think. Peanut will still chase Molly, but the screaming and tangling has stopped (mostly because I think the "top cat" status between the two has been established). Problem now is that Molly won't come out of her room upstairs at all. Not for one minute of the day. She stays up there all day and all night. My older daughters room is the only thing upstairs and since she only stays with me half the week, poor Molly is up there alone for half the week. I've tried bringing her downstairs and watching carefully, but she just sprints back up there and stands at the top of the stairs. The others don't go up and she doesn't come down. I just want to know the best way to get her to try to feel comfortable again. I would hate for this to be her life - "Yeah - I have another cat - she lives under the bureau upstairs"
How can I help her feel more comfortable socializing with us? Normally when my daughter leaves I shut her door to upstairs (to conserve heat), but I"m afraid to do that now because I don't want to take away Molly's safe spot.
I just want her to feel comfortable and socialize like she was in the beginning. She's such a sweetheart and loves attention and she did socialize - she was down here with us all the time in the beginning, but not since Peanut went after her. It's so sad.
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Well, one of our cats has the same problem as Peanut. She's also a runt (only 6 pounds), but she will ferociously beat up any new cat in the household or even stray/neighbor cats that come onto the front porch. She doesn't just attack, but will fully stalk them down.

What's the age difference between the two cats? To be honest, we never quite solved the problem, but it did seem to get better if I spent a LOT more time with Princess (the runt). Turned out she was just very jealous.

It also helped if there was a place for Princess to go where the new cat was not allowed. We would actually just close the door to my room when we were out of the house, and Princess stayed in the room. The other cats (Patches and whatever third cat was causing the problem) would be allowed in the rest of the house. This did seem to help some.

We also made a second feeding area so that Princess wouldn't feel threatened. When we decided to keep Jingles permanently, we just slowly moved his feeding bowl back to where Patches and Princess had their bowls.

(BTW, this may not be the situation in your case, but after 3 months, Princess and Jingles actually turned this whole thing into a game. Princess decided to stop chasing Jingles around the house, and they started playing a game where they batted at each other's paws from under the door. If you opened the door, they would ignore each other. Maybe when Molly gets stronger/bigger she can play with Peanut?)
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It sounds like the same thing as your place. She stalks Molly as you say - that's right word for it. Although I'm sad to hear that it really didn't get much better for you . I would just hate to think of my new baby living upstairs alone her whole life. It's just so sad. Maybe someone here will have some advice to improve it a little.
As for the ages - they are the same age - both 1 1/2 years, but Peanut (the runt) I've had since she was 8 weeks and Molly only for a few weeks.
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When I've had cats that didn't get along, I varied which cat had to stay alone. Sometimes I'd put Princess in the bedroom and sometimes Go Go. They did learn to put aside a few of their differences, but I never trusted them together and always locked one up in the bedroom when I went out.

I have a feeling it will eventually work out for you. Princess was very determined to be top cat in the house and never gave up. She was a foster cat and eventually found a great home with a woman that was delighted with her top cat aggressiveness.

Try putting Peanut in your daughter's bedroom sometimes so that Molly can came down and play and then reverse it and see if it makes any difference.
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Originally Posted by katie=^..^=
Try putting Peanut in your daughter's bedroom sometimes so that Molly can came down and play and then reverse it and see if it makes any difference.
tried. She runs from them all. I was just upstairs with her though, sitting on the ground with her in my lap and all 4 cats came upstairs. She shrunk into my lap as far as she could go, but didn't run (even when they came up and sniffed her), but the minute I lifted my hands (her shelter) she trotted away. Peanut isn't after her so much anymore I'm noticing. I think she's almost getting bored of it. I'm thinking that maybe some time downstairs with us where she can't run upstairs might help. If she establishes a hiding spot downstairs she can at least watch all the others and maybe get use to them moving around. Being upstairs isn't helping at all.
I have to say though I was very very very surprised the other night to wake up to her pushing my hand and purring - on my bed - on the first floor! but that was short lived. As soon as one of the others moved - she was gone.
I think you're right - with time she'll hopefully get better.
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