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Vaccine side effects?

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My cat had her first shots today (the vet figures she is around 8-9 months old) and she has been really sleepy since. She would not come when I called her and I found her curled up behind something sleeping. Is this a normal reaction to vaccines? She had rabies and distemper shots. I also noticed her nose was warm and dry. She did drink when she got home from the vet and she ate a little but now she isn't interested in food. I was told she will be back to normal tomorrow. Is this true?
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A lot of kitties do have a very sleepy reaction to these vaccines and yes, it normally subsides in a day or so. If your baby hasn't gotten better by tomorrow, then give the vet a call.
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Thanks Gayef! The vet told me that my kitty is VERY healthy! She said a kitten usually has something going on, whether it be a respiratory infection or ear mites or something. She had her first exam today and was tested for luekemia and it was negative. She is schedule to be spayed on the 24th. I am a little worried about it as I don't know what to expect.
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Spaying is a very common procedure and one that is relatively safe. Your vet should do a pre-op exam including bloodwork to make certain she is healthy enough for the surgery and they will probably advise you to withhold food and drink the night before the procedure. You will most likely drop her off at a set time of the day and they will probably call you once your girl is out of surgery with an update. She will be very groggy and sleepy afterwards for a time depending on the type of anesthesia they use and she may have to stay overnight at the vet's office. You can pick her up and bring her home, usually the next day. You will want to keep her sort of quiet and as inactive as possible for a few days to let her recover. She may lick or pull at her stitches, so they may give you an E-collar to keep her from doing that.

Your vet will explain their procedure to you at the pre-op exam so it is best to have any questions already in mind when you get there for that. Be sure to ask him about at-home pain relief and what activity levels she should maintain as well as any other questions you may have.

She will be fine and you are a good kitty mommy to take such good care of her. Best of luck and please let us know how it goes.

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Yes, cats and dogs and often humans get a little drowsy or even a tad flu-like after vaccinations and may run a low fever. It's just a normal part of the immune response to the antigen.

One thing that is being recommended by some vets now is giving vaccinations separately--i.e. rabies at one time, distemper at another time--to prevent overloading the immune system. I think that's a whole area of study that is still quite foggy though, and since I haven't had to deal with the kitten vaccinations ever, I don't know a whole lot about it--just something I've come across in my reading.
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