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We had him neutered; now he's nuts!

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Several days ago, we took our four kitties (Pepsi and the three 9-month-old kittens) in to be spayed/neutered. They all seem to be healing up fine. Whitey, though, is not acting quite like himself. Before we took him in, he was turning into a sweet, easygoing, but regal cat. He rarely meowed and rarely got excited about anything. Occasionally he would come up to me and put his paws on my legs to ask for pets, but not nearly as much as the other two. You could tell that his life plan was to relax as much as possible.

But for the past few days, he has been acting crazy! He runs around the house, plays all the time, meows frequently, is trying to get into everything, and sleeps with us. Today he started chasing his tail. His tail! He's never done that before.

Has this ever happened to anyone else?
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He will settle down. Something changed in his body. It may be affecting his behavior. Joji's brother (RB) was not an aggressive or dominant tom. After his operation, he became quite lively and "brave". After a few months, he was back to his old self. Wawa who is the opposite, became pretty depressed after the neutering, but now he goes out and is back to his mischievous self.
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Lol...yes, our Hobbes chases his tail, too. He's also VERY clumsy (falls out of windows, runs into doors and walls, etc.). I wouldn't worry too much. How has he been since you posted this?
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I think the neutering was just an excuse for him to let out his inner kitty!

He's just being a normal kitty - The change moods around every 5 seconds in my household!
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Don't worry Sleeves was like this too. He actually became very agressive and frightened us a few times. I took him to a different vet after 2 days and the vet said he was in pain and gave him a shot and he just calmed right down. He never bites me now or scratches me but it did take quite a number of days for this to happen. Their hormones are all over the place and need to settle, although the other kitties are not acting like this its probably just because each cat is different.
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When we had Buddy neutered after the kittens were born, he became very moody. In fact he was royally p***ed off! When we took Sissy in after her kittens were weaned and brought the cat carrier out, he actually hid! Buddy has now calmed down some. When we take Scamper in to be neutered in March, I am sure Buddy will hide again! LOL
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