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Jello the nurse

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I have discovered that Jello is very caring to the sick or injured. He hangs by the cattery when I bring an injured cat. He approaches the kitty as if asking if it needs help. Once a cat hissed and tried to scratch him but Jello didn't budge. Is there any way to train him to help stressed animals I rescue? Or is it just a crazy notion?
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It sounds like he is doing things on his own. Some cats instinctively care for others, just like some people do.
My Fred would always care for any sick or injured kitties that came his way, bringing home several cas that needed help, and even a couple orphans. He would take newcomers to the household and teach them what they needed to know. He would take them to the food bowls and the litterbox, then bathe them. When a pregnant stray showed up, he would always let her eat first, and loved to lay with his head on her belly. He stayed with her while she delivered her kittens, and even helped her clean them. He was the best kittensitter ever, watching over them while mom ate or had to be away for a little while.
Jello sounds like a real sweetie!
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Awwww Jello sweetie! What a good puppy!

I guess he learned from you!
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