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A problem with an adopted kitten

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I recently adopted a Siamese mix kitten from my local shelter and I have seen her way too skinny and I'm thinking that something is wrong with her. Is she being fed properly? She is still at the shelter until this saturday that I will go and pick her up from the shelter. Here are her pics.
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Congrates on adopting a beautiful baby... Most shelters give a free vet check with adoption ... I would take kitty to your vet ASAP of coming to your house... kitty looks good to me but I am not a vet ...
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She may be wormy, or recovering from malnurishment.
Can't really tell much from the photos.
Her eyes look bright and clear.
Very pretty little tortie point though
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Yeah, she does look a bit skinny, but not bad. Definitely take kitty to the vet right around her going-home day. Make sure she gets fed dry free-choice and wet at least 3 times a day. You can get hi-cal foods if your vets recommends them.
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Thanks for the advice. I'll get her checked by a vet and make sure she eats well.
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Some cats come into the shelter in horrible shape or half starved. The shelter feeds cats and cares for them but it takes some time for the cats to recover. She may have been healthy in every other way just too skinny. So they aren't going to deny her the chance of a possible home and risk of getting sick just so she looks better. The best thing is for her to go home with you, calm down and relax in her new forever home and be fed a healthy, proper diet. It is important to talk to your vet for the best food plan for her. Feed her a good quality, no by-products, cat food from the petstore, not the grocery store and she should fatten up just fine.
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Thanks again and I'll talk to the vet for the best food plan for her.
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Ooooh! She's a cutie!! Congrats!! I've adopted numerous animals, and most come home a little skinny, a little bedraggled and sometimes with parasites. A trip to the vet and they come along just fine!! It's great that you are adopting!! Good luck with her!!
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Ok I just recieved an email from the local shelter. They said that Little Egypt has already been done with her spaying surgery and that she's recovering. So I'm going to pick her up tomorrow and she'll be home with me. But my concern is that will she try to tear off her surgery stitches and have the vet staff redo them? Or is it possible to keep her there until she fully recovers and the stitches removed? I'm just worried about her.
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Hi. Sure, a cat might try to rip out stitches, but none of mine have ever after being spayed. I'm sure if you explain your fear to the shelter, and ask that if she does try to rip them out, if you could take her back to their vet to have them re-done, they would most likely accomodate you.

I would be much more concerned about leaving her at the shelter, after just being spayed, because she is at a much increased risk of infection. With shelters come all sorts of sicknesses, and after a surgery you immune system is down. If it were me, I'd definitely bring her home.
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Ok I recieved another email from the shelter worker and said that they don't use stitches they only use surgical glue. So I am not worried no longer. I would be picking her tomorrow soon.
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She is cute!
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Hugs & congrats! She is adorable can't wait to see more of her and what her name is!
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Her name is Little Egypt and she is a Siamese mix kitten. She is an 8 month old kitten and is friendly and she's a very sweet affectionate kitten. She is still in the shelter and has just been spayed by the shelter's vet staff. So she will be coming home tomorrow at last and is recovering. She is a sweet kitten and I just love her to bits. I will get photos of her as soon as I can.
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Just to warn you, after a cat is spayed, they look even skinnier! Jasmine almost disappeared she was so skinny when she got home! But they do fill out again within a few days.

Also, although the surgical glue holds very well, you will need to check her tummy at least once a day for the first week or so to be sure she is healing well.

Little Egypt is beautiful. My daughter's friend just adopted a 9 month old kitten, and she is such a little love. Past the 3-4 month old little stinker age, but still young enough to be very playful. You will have such fun with Little Egypt once she gets home and recovered from the surgery!
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Thanks for the nice compliments and well as of today I'm gonna go and pick her up from the shelter and check on her tummy once a day for a week to see if she is healing and give her plenty of rest as soon as she comes home. I'll keep you updated as soon as I can.
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dont be shocked if she is a fairly active kitty .. cats recover much fater from the spay than in the past
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She is adorable!! I am sure with your love and nourishing, she will be a healthy, happy kittie!! Congrats!!!!
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Congratulations! Little Egypt will flourish with your love and care, I'm certain!
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I bet she's going to be a beautiful girl once you get her home. And with all the lovin' you're sure to give her, she'll very likely flourish. In a few months, we probably won't even recognize her, so by all means, keep posting pictures of her. She's eye candy!!
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So how did your first weekend with your new kitten work out??
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She follows me like a little puppy. And right now she's sleeping soundly right underneath me. She's eating but not much but at different times of the day.
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