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Question about pregnancy symptom.

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I was just reading through and noticed that some one said a symptom of pregnancy is the cats nipples will be pink. I thought, well arent all cats nipples pink? What color are they supposed to be? So, out of curiosity, I looked at my cats nipples, and they are indeed pink, and I've been noticing a little pudge in her belly, but not a hard round pudge, but more like flab that jiggles around. I think I'm just being paranoid, but another symptom I saw was that sometimes cats will be more loving. My cat has been crawling into my lap lately, and letting me pet her and she falls asleep, and she usually never does that. She likes to be left alone.

I guess it could be possible. She has gotten out many times. She is quick, we have to be careful when we open the front door. We have look around to make sure she's not near the door. So anyway, there is this cat that follows her around, and meows like crazy.(Although I havent seen him around lately.)But I have never seen them actually together, cause whenever my cat escapes, she always jumps up on our fence and right onto the roof. And she stays up there until she wants to come in. And the other cat just watches her, and she hisses and even growls at him. One night I heard this huge growl, like a cat fight, I ran outside and she was on the roof as usual, and he was on the ground, and he ran when I came out. So I dont know if they ever "did it".

I think I'm just being paranoid. But I guess my question is....what do they mean the nipples will be pink? More pink then usual or what? Im just confused. Should I worry that my cat is pregnant?
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They will get bigger and stick out more. Why are you not spaying your cat? If she has gotten out then she is mort likely pregnant or will be soon enough. Please have her spayed ASAP. That is the responsible and right thing to do. And please PLEASE do NOT let her out until she is spayed!! How old is she? Spayed greatly reduces the risk of cancers when she is older. There is no reason not to do it.
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They will be bigger, rounder, and a more obvious pink. I also encourage you to please spay your cat. Hope everything goes well, whatever the case with your cat.
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Hi Nikki, welcome to TCS.

The term that is sometimes used is that the nipples will 'pinken up', meaning that they go from a nice light pink to a deeper dusky pink, as well as becoming longer and a little thicker, when a cat is pregnant. If you're not sure whether you cat is pregnant, it's best to take her to the vet for a checkup. If she isn't pregnant, you can go ahead and have her spayed.
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