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Hair loss on belly

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We have a cat that lives outside half the time,and comes in when we're home and goes out when we go to bed.So he's an outside cat now.
He has a heating pad in the carport,and stays on that when he's out.Though he does like to go hunting.
A while ago he got a bald spot on his belly,maybe 2" x 1".The skin looked like nothing happened to it just the fur is missing.
Then he came home whith oil all over his backside,clean motor oil.We got most of it off in the morning and later gave him a bath.He was clean but had still had a stench of oil on him.
This morning I noticed he was starting to develop another bald spot on his belly,I saw him licking there.But he was licking normally,so not like anything was the matter.
Then I picked him up and now I see that his hair is thinning all over his belly and between the legs,where it got oily.
It looks like he will loose all his hair underneath.Given that he likes to go on adventures,I think it would be dangeruos for him having no fur on his belly which is white.We would love to keep him in a crate inside but I'm not sure that is doable.He wants to go to the bathroom outisde,and will not go in the litter.
He is no ordinary cat,he came a year ago and was very scared.It took weeks for him to come closer to us to eat.it was months before he would lift his tail up from between his legs.He's now much better,almost like a regular cat.He only trusts us though.We are trying to get him to want to stay inside all the time,but he will freak out if we don't let him outside when he wants to,that's why he stays out when we're not home.
Nothing changed during the last few weeks,months.
I don't even know what my question is right now,but I do want to hear all your suggestions.
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I would recommend a vet see this kitty... it could be stress , a bite , ringworm, fleas ... alot of things a vet should check the cat out... for now keep kitty inside
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We put flea medication on him,so that's out.It's not a bite.
It's not easy to take him to the vet,he gets very stressed.And I don't think that's helps his heart murmur,which is a category 3-4 when the worst is a 5.
The vet saw his oily tummy,and he said that it was cleaned very nicely and to try to give him a bath if we can,and we gave him one.

What could we do to make the hair grow back faster?Or stop coming out?
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