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Introducing us thru pics

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Hi, we joined this forum yesterday, and introduced us in the new cats on the block part. I thought to show you few more pics incase you are intrested.

Here's Casper as a kitten.

A bit more grown up Casper

And here is Casper now, 11 months old

Here's Kitty as a kitten

A bit more grown up Kitty

And here is Kitty now, 11 months old.

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OOoOoOoO Casper is handsome!! I love black kitties!!!

Kitty is quite the looker himself.
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I just love those beautiful babies.

Pepper says she wishes she was as pretty as Kitty.
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Your babies are BEAUTIFUL! You take great pics, too. Welcome to TCS!
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Beautiful! And good job on the photos, too. I especially like the expressions on their faces in the middle photos (#2 and #5).

I also have a black cat, Blackie, and a tabby, Sparky. I have a white kitty named Fred as well, but I didn't choose him.
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Beautiful babies! I love that you gave us a look of them growing up thus far. Casper is just so cute! (I love black kitties too.) And Kitty is a very pretty girl!
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(Please don't let Kitty see this, although he is quite a looker!)
Is there anything in the world quite as regal, quite as satiny, quite as beautiful as a black cat? I love them. Right now I have two
Siamese and they are amazing. However, I have taken in every black cat that came to my door. Some of the other strays I have found homes for, but I cannot resist black cats!!I believe I have had at least 4 Blackies,* 1 Pixie, and 1 Nibs, all black. I hope they are in kitty heaven because I still love them.

*I don't remember how many my parents had when I was a child.
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Oh, they are both just dolls! I seem to be partial to least, tabbies are always adopting me! I have a spotty one too though.
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Aww she still has the same personality on her face all grown up
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Casper looks EXACTLY like my Murphy in all the pictures. He is gorgeous! Kitty looks quite a bit like the tabby we had for 16 years. You have two VERY handsome cats there.
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Both of your kitties are soooo beautiful, I'm getting jealous!!!!!!
I love black cats too, and Casper really reminds me of a beautiful black cat I once had named Midnight (now deceased).
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Nice pictures!! I really like the ones when they were kittens! Sooo cute. And Kitty looks like my Noah!
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Oh those pictures are awesome!!! And welcome to the forums!!! I am so glad you have joined us!!!
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Awwwww All of them are absolutel adorable, Kitty & Casper!
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great pictures !!! Casper and Kitty are really the cutest kitties I know !! I met them a few weeks ago , and they stole my hart !!!

Here a picture of my cutie Sydney
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Originally posted by krazy kat2
Your babies are BEAUTIFUL! You take great pics, too. Welcome to TCS!
Thank You!
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Actually, THANK YOU everyone for your nice comments!
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Wow!! What gorgeous kitties!! I also have a black kitty, named Bod, and a tabby, called Pip - they look very similar to your two beauties!!

Welcome to the site too!!
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Thank You everyone for the nice comments and warm welcome.
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Cute kitties! I love all of the pics!
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