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Chronic URI's

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Good Day Everyone!

I need to ask some advice. My kitty is very susceptible to Upper Respiratory Infections. When she was a kitten she had a bad outbreak of feline herpesvirus. The ulcer was pretty bad, but it cleared up long ago. My concern is every few months she becomes sick and sneezes a lot. At least once a year, it gets really bad and her eyes become infected and she needs to go on her drops. The vet has indicated that this is a chronic thing that will happen from time to time.

This time seems to be fairly mild compared to September. I have not taken her to the vets this time as she is still eating and other than sneezing, seems fine. The vet did indicate last time that if she presents again with the same symptoms that he would like to put her on some medication.

I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with this? Do they have any suggestions about any homeopathic remedies that may help. I am concerned about putting her on meds for the rest of her life as she is only two years old in May.
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what tests have been run >?? have allergy s been thought about??

If you havent done a through panel I would./...

I would ask a homeopathic minded vet about immune stimulants... some use lsysine here but without knowing the reason I cant recommend anything
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She does have a mild allergy to corn, that was the only thing that the panel shown us. I use to feed her Iams and she would always vomit, so the vet did a screen and she is now on Natural Balance allergy formula. No more vommiting.

The vet has indicated many times that he feels it will diminish over time and that her annual boosters should fend off any big outbreaks, but this will be twice in about 6 months. I just feel bad watching her go on one of those sneezing jags.
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has she been tested for kitty herpes??
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Well if I have understood what my vet has told me, this is what started it all off. She had a bad outbreak of herpes when she was little and had a huge ulcer on her eye. It has healed and she can see fine. I was told by my vet that she will be a carrier for her entire life now and many things can cause it to activate again. We moved in September so I understand why she had the outbreak then. She did not take well to the move at all.

I just don't want to put her on medication if I don't have too and my vets seems to be pushing for that.
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