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Kitten Poop Stinks!

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Hi everyone, i just got a new kitten on monday, and for some reason his poop absolutely reeks! He is on purina kitten chow. Im thinking of changing, but i heard that all kittens have stinky poop. Is that true? He's 9 weeks.
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Purina Kitten Chow is extremely low quality and may possibly be the problem.
The very first thing you need to do though is get a wellness check with a vet, it's quite likely that this baby has worms (most do) and that would also cause the stink.

Not sure if you are feeding kitten chow because of budget or not, but if you are, I would look into Nutro kitten food.
Cost wise there isn't a lot of difference, but in quality it's a huge step up from Purina.
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I was actually going to put him on science diet. We had a problem with our other cat Otis. I will take him to the vet as soon as we can get him there. However, i do know that neither of his parents had worms, or were treated before pregnancy. Does that matter?
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I don't recommend Science Diet either, it's really full of garbage cats don't need.
If you do a search of these boards, you should find LOTS of useful nutrition information and what to look for in cat food labels.

Kitty may not have worms, but, he still may, better safe than sorry.
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Has the kitty been vet checked??

I would also recommend a search on site about cat food.. it does have conlflicting info on what is best but the general ideas all are right track..
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it may be the flavor of the food making the stink. when i feed my cat turkey or chicken, she makes big stinky poops/pees. the vet said not to worry, she was fine, to just think about how foods like curry or asparagus affect humans...
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