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Hello and Help???

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Hi all. I am new on the site.
I am the owner of my lovely kitty, Gizmo. He's a gorgeous ginger and white male.
He is now 10 months old.
He was origanlly going to be an indoor cat but he is dying to get out so as soon as we have moved he will be going out. At the moment where we live is too busy.
I have a problem with Giz at the moment. About 2 weeks ago someone told me that Giz should be on adult food, which I slowly introduced (as he was still on kitten food). He is now fully on adult food but he has recently been being sick. We are hopefully moving house soon so Giz has never been out yet, so I know he cannot have eaten anything I dont know about.
He is acting his normal self and doesn't seem put out by it.
Last week he was sick paper (which he steals whenever he can) but I am confident it all came up.
I am worried about him but as I say he is acting his normal self.
Sorry this is so long, and I'd really appriciate any advice or help you can give

Thanks Karen
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How often has he gotten sick? I am guessing he is throwing up?? Anything else? (The runs, not going, acting strange??) Which kitten food was he on and which food did you switch him to?? An occasional vomit wouldn't be a concern. But if he is sick often or acting sick you should probably have a vet check him out. You could easily feed him kitten food for a little longer, as long as he is not getting fat. If he is just vomiting occasionaly, put him back on the kitten food and see if it clears up. Then you'll know it was the food change. Then compare the ingredients between the kitten food and the adult food and see what the difference is between the two. Hope he feels better soon.
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You should also change food gradually - over a period of about 2 weeks, i.e., keep adding some of the new food to his regular brand food and increasing the amount of new food a bit every day until he is on the new food.

Some cats can change immediately to a new food and others can't without getting upset tummies. Maybe this is what has happened to your cat.
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Thanks for the advice. He is throwing up but not everyday, it just concerned me that it only started since I changed him to the adult food.
He was on Felix Kitten food (pouches) with Tesco's kitten/junior biscuits and he was fine. He is now on a cheaper brand of pouches. Do you think trying Felix Pouches would perhaps help as they will be closer to the ingredients he was on before? I don't mind the cost of food at all. That isn't an issue. Thanks again for the help
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Have you tried the Hi-Life range that you can buy at the supermarkets?.

Their tiny tins and more expensive than the ones your giving Gizmo at the moment, but they contain 70% more fish and meat than the cheaper brands.
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I agree that you should gradually introduce the Felix Adult pouches, as they will be similar in ingrediants! As mentioned, you will need to do it bit by bit!

Just on a side note, you mention that you'd have liked Gizmo to be an indoor kitty, but he wants to get out. Have you considered lead and harness training him! He can have the enjoyment of the outside and you can keep him as an indoor kitty! Just an idea!
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I have bought some Felix adult food, and only gave him a tiny bit mixed in with the food he currently has. He hasn't been sick since I posted on here so fingers crossed.
I bought him a lead and harness and he is well behaved on it but it tends to make him worse, ie-he tries to escape out of the windows. He is also crazy, in a good way. He still attempts to climb the wallpaper, doesn't manage and slides down, taking the wallpaper with him (doesn't bother me, but drives the other half up the wall). My family say its because he's bored but I think he'd do it no matter what!
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Do you have a cat tree or condo for him? Have you taken the steps for harness and lead training slowly? (there are many threads about harness and lead training in the Care and Grooming forum!)

If you need any help with harness and lead training, I'd be more than happy to help!! I have just completed getting Willow used to it!
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