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hormones for breeding cat

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I have a 1yr. Tiffanie that has been in heat every three or four weeks for the past few months. I want to breed her but the cat I want to breed her with is not old enough yet, he is 7 months. My vet said he could give her a shot that would bring her out of heat for two or three months. I am concerned that it may hurt her. Anyone know of such a shot? Thanks, Momcat
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I'm sure there is such a shot; but I don't think I'd want to mess with it. Cats are funny and sometimes they react different with medications. It could mess her up worse.

I'd just wait her out - how old does the male have to be for him to breed her?
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Yes, there is such a shot but my vet won't give it to breeding animals since nobody knows what these hormones do to the body. It severly increases the risk for developing breast tumours! I used to give my oldes Devon Rex female birth control pills and it destroyed her temperment competely. She became the worst bitch ever. Luckily she went back to normal when I stopped giving her the pills, bt not all are that lucky.

My vet basically only gives aggressive males (dogs and cats) this shot in order to see if it's the testosterone that causes the aggression or not. I gave this shot to my stud when he freaked out completetly (it was impossible to handle him) and it worked, like a miracle he went back to his normal sweet person but of course I had him neutered. The shot was an emergency solution so we could handle him.

So yes, there are hormones to give but they're not safe to use.
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I'm not a breeder. But I like to read the posts here because I learn so much. I read that lowering the temperature can help. Also lessen the amount of light to less than 12 hours per day. This will decrease the amount of time she is in heat.
It certainly is worth a try!
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Is your male not interested in her yet? He's sounds old enough for the hormones to start kicking in.
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Originally Posted by SolarityBengals
Is your male not interested in her yet? He's sounds old enough for the hormones to start kicking in.
I have decided not to let him breed with her because he is a Munchkin and from all the info I have gotten I should not breed the two. He isn't interested yet. He is going to be staying at my sisters home just in case. I would like to find a Tiffanie in my area but seems there are none around here.
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oh hey since u live like 15 min from me, i can give you some good low cost clinics so u can get him neutered for an affordabl price. PM me, i will be in pheonix this week sogive me a day or two to respond
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momcat - is your cat a Tiffany?
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She is a Tiffanie, there is also a Tiffany Chantilly which is a different breed. My cat is called a long hair Burmilla out of the U.S.A. but here she is a Tiffanie.
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From what I've read, the Tiffanies are sorta like long haired burmese. But the face is different. Not sure what they are really out of.

However, breeding a "tiffany" to a munchkin IMO is just creating a mixed breed cat.
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In NZ we have Tiffanies (singular - Tiffany) they are longhaired Burmese.
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On her papers from Canada she is called a Burmilla, I called the breeder and he said a Tiffany is a breed that happened when a Burmilla crossed with a Chinchilla cat and the kittins were long haired and thus called a Tiffany. He said it was a long hair Burmilla. I'm really confused because I've been told so many different things about this breed. Wish someone could tell me the straight facts. LOL Momcat
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Where did you get your cat from? With all the confusion (I'm, it seems you have a mixed breed cat and not a purebred.....which associations recognize them? And IS this cat even registered - if so, with who?
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Her papers are from the Canadian Cat Association. She is a purebred. If you go to the internet and type in Tiffanie cat breed it will tell all about them. They are not recognized in the USA as a breed yet. As far as I know there are no breeders in the States. They are a beautiful and sweet cat but I have been advised not to breed because of all the trouble getting a new breed recognized. There is also a breed called Tiffany Chantille which is altogether a different breed than mine. Yes it is very confusing, but if you go to the net it explaines it better than I can.
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Ok, I have heard of them but they don't seem to be too popular. Maybe one day they will. The breeders probably need to get more standardized and clear in their program.
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