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Feral Juju left for the Bridge this morn at 11:30. She was shot last Sat and though I got her to the emergency vet, they didn't find out it was a wound shot until Mon. They got the infection down but she didn't improve otherwise and so we helped her to cross.
We couldn't touch her when well but injured she became so gentle and affectionatte it was heartwrenching to end her life.
Now her tummy doesn't hurt and she's met her Mom and baby siblings.
RIP Juju.
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Aw, (((((hugs)))))

May Juju Rest In Peace at Rainbow Bridge and be out of pain and happy, with her Mommy and siblings
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we send hugs to you and prayers for juju and we know she is now happy and at peace. we pray for you, for we know you are sad over losing lil juju.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP sweet Juju.
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It sounds like Juju was giving you a loving THANK YOU for everything you did. Me and the heard will keep you in our thoughts

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Poor baby being shot

Have a wonderful time over the bridge Juju, you had someone who did love you
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At the end she knew she was loved. RIP Juju
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Poor Juju, being shot. You were loved even though you may not have known it for most of your life.

Juju now knows you loved her and wanted to help her. to you

Have fun with your mom, brothers and sisters, and the other kitties at the Bridge. Rest in peace, Juju.
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Condolences on your loss. JuJu, you are safe and free forever, now, and will never know a moment of fear again.
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
At the end she knew she was loved. RIP Juju
absolutely. And she had someone to help ease her pain - thankyou I am so sorry of the circumstances that lead to this.

RIP Juju - enjoy this new life
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Condolences on your tragic loss of Juju. I am extremely grateful that in her most dire hours of need you were there to rescue her, and that she left this life knowing the love & kindness of some humans (I am sure that she's giving the "Big Man Upstairs" a most favorable report ). Please know that you saved her from a lingering, lonely death and that it takes a marvelous courage to keep up the good works that you are doing so selflessly, for the sake of all those feral cats out there. Bless you again & again! Hugs, Susan
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