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Feral babies

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One of the ferals who hangs around now and then, and disappears for months at a time only to reappear pregnant (recently) has had her babies.
She was on the porch just a few minutes ago looking for food, so I threw out some bologna I had on hand, and she gobbled it up....she will let me pet her, but only me, noone else can get close.

I can tell she is nursing them, by looking at her nipples....but I so badly want to see them!!! I have no clue where she has them hidden, and I can't stand outside watching to see where she goes all day.
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Debby, that's really upsetting. I think I would try fixing a big dish of soft food (soaked kitten chow) and putting it where Mother can find it. I think she'll bring the kittens. You will probably have to do it daily for a while before you get results. Mother will eat a lot of it, so put out enough. You'll have better luck making friends more quickly with the kittens, and hopefully, find them homes. Mother will take longer, but you know already that food is the key.
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Jeanie is right, the first step to seeing the babies is to start a trust with the mom. Provide mom with good canned or dry food so she can pass the nourishment on to the babies. Try and feed the same time every day (if possible) and just set the food and back away. If you have a good set on binoculars try and find a sheltered place you can see from a vantage point at one of your windows. Give her fresh water and let her know she can trust you. Once she realizes this, she will bring the kittens to the source of food. It could also be the kittens are to young to move right now, and mom just needs the nourishment.
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Thanks guys!! There is always a fresh supply of water and cat food outside, and she does eat it. The babies can't be more than a couple days old, because when I saw her two days ago, she was still pregnant. I don't think she will bring them around, because she hates the other cats and the dogs...I think she would be too afraid of them being hurt to bring them up to the house.
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You'd be surprised. Provide her with quality food a regular supply of it, and she will bring them to the source of the food once they are old enough. Even if it is just under cover of the night.
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I don't know a lot about this - almost nothing in fact - but I do know the kitten food is a good idea. It has extra calories and nutrition in it to keep the babies well-fed even though their tummies are tiny. Mom needs extra calories right now too, since she has too feed all those babies but she doesn't have time to hunt or have a big meal because she has to protect them too. I really want to encourage you to at least add kitten food to what's already out there.
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Hissy....thanks! I will keep an eye out for them!!!

Sunlion, the problem with leaving special food for the kittens out, is that the dogs and other cats would eat it before anybody else had a chance to. Otherwise it would be a good idea.
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What a situation!! Well, Good luck with leaving food out for the kittens...I hope the mother will bring them to it and then you can see them!! How exciting!!!!:tounge2:
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Debby - have faith! You will get those fur babies!
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Oooo Debby!!! Sooo exciting!!! Let us know how things go!! (and be sure to have a camara with a good "zoom" handy!! :laughing: )
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Debby-good luck! Let us know how things are going. I'm sure the mama kitty will bring around her babies after awhile. Just have patience.
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