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Think of me over the next four days!

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Tomorrow morning I leave the UK with my jeep to drive back to Bosnia. I have never driven so far alone and I am a bit nervous, though I am sure it will be OK. I have planned it over 4 days so I can take it slowly. But think of me as I cross France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia into Bosnia and send good weather vibes, please! It will be a rehearsal for the return trip when I have to bring the kits with me!
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Safe trip prayers and vibes!!!
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So you're gonna drive across water? Just kidding... good luck on your trip, I'm sure it'll be fun! Plus you get to enjoy many awesome European countries that I wish I could see.

Have fun,
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Good luck. That is quite the road trip. I think as long as you have the route planned out it should be ok. You have a mobile phone??? Make sure you pack some food and water. Get gas when you can-the Jeep will use more up than a car would-once you fill the tank calculate your mileage. If wintery weather happens put the vehicle in 4 wheel drive-but then the gas mileage really decreases-just to let you know. Stop every 3-4 hours and stretch your legs and shoulders. Bring some CD's to listen to. DONT STOP FOR STRANGERS!!! So where are you taking the ferry from in the UK??
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Have a safe trip, Jenny! At least the snow has thawed; I just hope you don't encounter any flooding.
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Good luck jenny!!
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Thanks guys. I will taking the ferry from Dover tomorrow at noon, then I have a route planned and printed out. I have stocked up with water, muffins, chocolate and apples. And I have a torch, pillow and rug in case of emergencies, and a phone of course. The car is in 4 wheel drive all the time but I will be very careful, and I can take as long as I like - I know it can be done in 3 days but I will take 4 and if it stretches to 5 it doesn't matter. It's funny - I have the back full of cat food (I always bring good quality food from the UK and France and it is great to be able to bring several large bags of Royal Canin and James Wellbeloved that I can't get in Sarajevo) and 3 new carriers, ready for the trip back, though that won't be for a few weeks yet. I am sure Customs will ask me where are the cats?
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Good driving vibes, Jenny! Keep it between the ditches and keep the dirty side down! (Okay, in winter all sides of a vehicle is dirty! )
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Have a good trip, Jenny..."Safe Drively!"
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Have a safe trip! It is too bad you dod not have someone to go with you, that is a long drive!
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Best of luck with the driving, the weather and getting there safe. I'm sure you will do great....
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Good driving vibes for you Jenny! Drive safely, as I'm sure you will. It sounds like you've covered all of the bases, so you should be good. Think of it as an adventure, and one step closer to the move to your dream home!
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Good Luck, Jenny!

It's the first step to your new life in France - how exciting! I hope the drive goes fantastically and customs don't get too confused by your lack of cats!

Sending lots of Safe Drive and Good Weather }}}VIBES{{{
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Have a safe and pleasant journey Jenny.

It's nearly here in the UK at the moment so not long to go now.
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More wishes for a safe trip to you Jenny!
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Lots of good vibes and well wishes!
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We all love you and wish you a safe trip Jenny.
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Have a nice and safe trip!
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