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My cat went for a swim!!

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In the fish tank!! I was rearranging my driftwood so had the hood off. I wasn't looking at Meeka when she just jumped up and in she went. Water went flying everywhere!! I was soaked as was the sofa and carpet. She finally got out and looked absolutely shocked. Luckily I'm doing a fishless cycle so no shock to fishies, just the kitties pride was a little hurt .

The next day Hope was playing with an unopened 2L bottle of soda. It was meant to be used for co2 injection in the fishtank. We didn't think she could hurt it. Well she bit into it and the soda went flying everywhere! Another startled and shocked kitty!

They have been getting themselves into trouble lately....
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I bet that was a sight to behold! I can see little Hope running from the soda!
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We were about to joke and ask whether Meeka might have some Turkish Van in the family tree somewhere in the dim dark past, and then we saw the photo of Clover in your siggy. He really looks like some of the "Mix" may be from a Van. What a charming furbaby. Does his tail match the head and body spots?
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Yah he's pretty much a mix but does display a van pattern. He's a no go on water though!! Hehe I rhymed.
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I'm cracking up right now & it reminds me of a day just a couple months ago when Jordan went for a little swim in the bath tub. I was taking a bath & the phone rang. I was waiting for a call so I got out of the bath to see who it was. Well it wasn't the call I was waiting for so I started walking back to the bathroom. Just as I was about to turn into the bathroom I hear a splash. I quick look & there's Jordan standing in the tub with this look on his face like "What's going on here, why is there water in the tub?"
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Hehe something like that happened to Clover once. He was playful and would play hide and seek in the tub. Sometimes we would do our handwashing in the tub and he jumped right in not realizing this. It was funny .
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I had run bath water for my daughter and was at the sink waiting for her to get in. Here comes Snow running through the door and jumps in!

WOW! What a shock for him. He jumped back out and went streaming through the house and under my bed.

Poor baby, he would occassionally snooze in the tub on the dirty laundry, but after that he strictly avoided the tub for a long time.
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I have been there with the fish tanks... My female betta melody was in her tank while I did water chenge prep ... I found Zoey chirpping in the room and Melody bloody on the floor... what trouble they can get into..
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Poor fishy! Our fishes have a hard time, too.

Sun Blue, our last betta, was Snow's object of fascination. I moved him into a larger tank because Snow was fishing for him in the bowl. But that didn't stop Snow! He started pushing the small 1 gallon tank to edge of the cabinet. All the while sloshing water everywhere. I moved the tank all over the house trying to find a safe place for that fish with no luck. Finally, one day I came home from church and found the tank pushed off the top shelf of my buffet and the fish in the floor gasping for air. The Lord was with him because I got to him in time. I had to set up a 10 gallon tank just for the betta because it was the only thing heavy enough that Snow couldn't push.

Barbosa has been the object of fascination for one of my great nephews (2-3 years old). The child has fished him out of the tank half a dozen times and hidden him in various places: under the bed (oh, the dust bunnies), under the table, etc. He is one blessed fish!
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