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Kitten spayed now won't eat or drink

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We got one of our kittens spayed tues. so we stopped feeding like we were directed and she hasn't eaten or drank since wed. morning. She won't even eat or favorite treats, or even smell them. I'm going to take her to the vet today if I can get her in the carrier without being attacked. She acting very very different. I'm concerned.

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The vet is the right place to go with a cat who won't eat or drink. Please let us know what you find out. Hugs to your kitty!
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Get her to the vet straight away incase she's dehydrated.

Let us know what happens
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Sending lots of good vibes your kitties way Let us know how it goes at the vet.
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YES - to the Vet ASAP - that is right thing for your baby!
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Ditto. To the vet-mobile!

Tell us how she does. (Hopefully, she will be better)
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How is she doing? I wonder if maybe she has a sore throat from when they put the tube down during her op?
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This happened to Zissou too. She got some sort of illness from when she went to be spayed. It wasn't really the spay (her incision healed wonderfully) but the other kitties made her sick.
Maybe your kitty has the same thing, maybe its an infection.
Not eating since Wednesday morning is EMERGENCY trip to the vet time. Please let us know what they say!
The under-the-skin fluid is funny to see. They look like they have big saddlebags!
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paulSC is my husband and father to Chip and Coco (whose pictures are on a couple other forums but here they are again anyways!).

He didn't want to force Chip into her carrier and she stayed hidden under the couch, so he didn't take her to the vet. But he did ask the vet what to do. The vet gave him a syringe and suggested feeding her gatorade or sugar water if she continued not to eat or drink. I think she's eaten a little tiny bit maybe once that we've seen, and might have had a little more when we weren't looking. She still won't eat treats that we offer either. I know cats are survivors, but now I'm starting to worry a little. So the question now is I wonder what flavor of gatorade she'd like best? Maybe we're just being overprotective first time kitty parents.
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Gerber #2 baby food (meat) might be something you try. You can syringe it too. Is she on antibiotics? Someone on the forums had a similar problem and antibiotics can upset the tummy. But REALLY...cats not eating for several days can get very very sick. Can you see if she's dehydrated? (pinch the skin over her shoulder blades, and if it doesn't "snap" back that would indicate dehydration.) Let us know how she fares...Poor baby.
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is she/he in pain from the surgery? can you tell?

My baby Lily was in a lot of pain after her spaying.
It was awful! I went out the next day and when I came home she was sitting on the arm of the chair and she was wincing in pain from the look on her face. One eye would shut partially and just the overall look, I could tell. I gave her pain pills prescribed by the vet and she was fine after a day or two.
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My foster girl Sugartoes didn't want to eat after her spay. I fed her table scraps until her appetite returned.

Kitties can have severe damage from not eating...please get some babyfood, deli meat, Kentucky Fried Chicken, or something into her. If she won't eat it, mix the babyfood with water and syringe it into her. Or she needs to see the vet.

Poor little girl, she doesn't realize she would feel better if she would eat and drink a little bit!
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Good advice to give a try! Chip is eating more today and she lapping up lots of water so I think she's feeling better. She was standing at our bedroom door this morning like she used to so she's definitely starting to get back into her routine. We'll let you know how the follow-up doctor visit goes.
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She's in no more pain than can be expected from a hysterectomy I guess. She just needs healing time. Just have to make sure she's not dehydrated and is getting something in her tummy (and keeping it there) and she's been pottying normally too. Poor little thing. Thank you for being concerned with us! It's nice to know you have people that have been there and understand.
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