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Cough remedies?

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I'm looking for suggestions for cough remedies. I've had a scratchy throat and cough for a couple of weeks (leftover from a slight cold). It's driving me crazy. It's worse at night. I've tried cough and cold medicine, using a vaporizer, cough drops and am still losing sleep. I'm feeling completely fine otherwise. Any ideas? Thanks!
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Is it what we call a tickly cough Eileen where as soon as you lie down you start coughing?!.

I had that a few weeks ago, and i just got a cough medicine from the chemist for a dry irritating cough, but some swear by a warm drink made of honey and lemon.
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A Hot Toddy will work wonders! That's tea with lemon and honey (honey is more important than lemon), and a touch of whiskey. OK, the whiskey is also optional, but it honestly does make it work better. Of course maybe that's because if you drink enough of them with the whiskey, you just don't care if you're coughing or your throat is sore or not!
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I too have this nasty, persistent, won't let you sleep cough the really wierd thing that works is vicodin- YES vicodin. It relaxes the muscles in your throut ( that does'nt look right sp?)my doc gave me a scrip last year for it-- I was like take WHAT!?! for my cough--- take one right before you go to sleep-and tada- no coughing!

If you don't feel like going to the doc, try some honey--it'll smooth the inflamed tissue.

another thing-- when you are trying to sleeep,cough as hard as you can-whether it hurts or not- to break up whatever is hanging there-- this works for me because most of the we cough too softly - our coughs are non-productive, nothing really moves--- coughing hard breaks it up
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I swear by fishermens friends cough drops.If you can find some in your area give them a try. I have had a cough from pneumonia and bronchitus both give one a wicked cough. These cough drops stop the cough they really do work.
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Thanks for the suggestions, guys! It could definitely be described as a "tickly cough." Looks like I'll be stopping on the way home from work to pick up the fixings for a hot toddy!
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If you have nasty mucous in your throat when you cough, Mucinex is my favorite new cough medication. Nothing else works for the cough I catch every year, and its over the counter but expensive. But it really works great! Feel better soon!
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Zicam. It is a homepathic medication and it works wonders. It is a little on the expensive side for cold medicine but it's well worth it. If you take it at the first sign of a sore throat or cold, and keep it up, you hardly even know that you are sick
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Too me the more expensive cough drops work better. If its keeping you awake
your doc might prescribe a cough syrup with codeine to help you sleep. Make sure you are drinking lots of fluids too.
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A few years back a German study showed that all the cough medicines on market were completely inaffective, not one worked. Sucking a lump of sugar might help.
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Originally Posted by Ryn
A few years back a German study showed that all the cough medicines on market were completely inaffective, not one worked. Sucking a lump of sugar might help.
Sucking on candy or cough drops can help, but I also find a hot toddy to be most effective. And hey, they taste good. It's totally win-win.
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I'd suggest Umcka, if you can get it at a health food store or natural foods store. It's a natural remedy that I've found works great for me!
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I use two fingers of peppermint schnapps at bedtime.
It coats the throat, stops the coughing and has just enough alcohol in it to put me to sleep.
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i swear by this!

Get a small mug, add half of it with hot water, 3 table spoons of lemon and 2 teaspoons of sugar! stir and drink when you are able to all at once!
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