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101 reasons for not doing your paperwork....

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Thought we could ahve a laugh here - lets see how many silly reasons we can come up with for not having done homework/paperwork etc. Ones that's we've probably given at some point in our lives, and nobody bought

I'll start.

The dog ate it. (I've only seen it to be true once (because I watched the dog eat it), but the one time it was used as truth, the poor guy had a month of detention to do)
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I spilt coffee and or tea all over it!
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I never got that paperwork - you must have lost it! I've used this excuse before! - My boss is VERY forgetful anyways!
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I already sent you that order!
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my power went out!
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The cat tore it up!

(Billy definately does that sometimes - I had to stop him from shredding one of my student's papers that I had just finished grading! I circled the teeth marks afterwards and wrote "kitty teeth " on it! )
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i didnt have time *cough* *cough* (to busy sleeping)
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I've got a hangnail
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The cat stole my pencil.
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I did do it, but the dog ran out the front door when I opened it to leave. I had to chase him down and in all the commotion I forgot my paperwork on the kitchen counter. Can I bring it tomorrow?
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I put it on your desk! It must be buried under all those papers!!
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"my cat pissed on it"
My teacher told me to bring it in anyway!!!!
when i got home i actually did my homework, tried to get my kitty to pee on it so i ended up chucking water on my project and then grinding cat litter on it to make it smell!
gosh i remember being 12 it was so fun
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I emailed it to you...didn't you get my email? Something must be wrong with your email if you didn't get it.
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I took my car to the mechanic and forgot that I had it in the back seat. I tried to call the mechanic but they were closed by the time i realized it

phenonsmom, i have used the i put it on your desk before... and then i hurry and do it and hide it under his papers and I got busted once lOL.
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My computer crashed in the middle of it. Tech Services says it will be running soon, but I lost everything and will have to start all over.
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There was a get together at my house last night...And this chick used it as toilet paper...
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I actually have emailed papers to profs and had them not get them! One didn't believe me, but I am smart and email everything to myself. I forwarded him a copy of the email, which of course had his email in the "send" section, as well as a date. I've also actually had the internet crash several times when I've uploaded an assignment or posted for an online class.
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Have to work... No really that's me right now.
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My printer ran out of ink and I can't buy more till payday.
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I was up all night birthing kittens!
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Funny... the British expression for being really really scared or worried is "having kittens" so perhaps that one works on a different level too!
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