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I am SO disgusted! I just moved into this place, a week ago and I'm already having maintenance problems.

The toilet has a tendency to plug but I bought a plunger and thought problem was taken care of. This morning, I had to employ it. Water backed up, into the tub and then water began leaking from around the bottom of the toilet and spreading across the floor. I shut off the valve to the toilet and am now waiting for the management company to open, so that they can send a plumber.

This situation means that I have had to call off from work, losing a day's pay AND incurring a mark on my record. I should deduct a day's pay, from the rent.

I can use the time, to unpack some more but, I can't use my toilet, until the plumber gets here. Its now 7:20 a.m., the realty company doesn't open until 9 and I may be driving down to the Kroger's, if necessary. Oh, WHY do I drink so much coffee, in the mornings?
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Oh Cindy what a nightmare Can they not reimburse you for losing a days pay?!.

And what about the new neighbour, can you not ask to use his bathroom?. I know he's a bit wierd, but hey when you have to go, you have to go

Oh and no more coffee!!
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In the state of WI I believe if a place doesn't meet certain living conditions-you have cause against the landlord for monetary damages. There has to be a serious clog somewhere to cause that water to back up!!
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oh man that really is a pain. We used to get water that backed up in ours, but that was when there had been very heavy rainfall because the outside drains coudln't cope with the flooding.

I would definitely be creating a fuss over losing a day's pay over this send your backed up water in a bucket to your landlord!
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Figuring that the problem was in the bathroom I washed my dishes, while waiting for the plumber. Water has backed up into the tub AND is once again leaking from around the base of the toilet.

The plumber is on the roof, snaking out the system, right now. I'm not letting him out of here, until I am sure that all of the leaking is stopped.

Because of him being in and out of the yard, I have Ike confined in my bedroom and Pearl is in her crate. The cats are hiding behind furniture.
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Sorry Cindy, but i've got this mental picture of the plumber tied to a chair until you go and run all the taps and flush the toilet several times to make sure it's ok before he can leave
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Oh what a pain! Ugh. We had a pipe burst in our apartment once (cold weather). I thought it sounded like it was pouring outside. I went out and nothing going on out there. Walked by the basement door and heard it again... I opened the door and turned the light on...2ft of water. It was horrible.
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What a shame - you haven't been in the place a week, and are already having trouble. I hope the plumber manages to get things sorted out.
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I saw a show about people who clean houses after a toilet have backed up into the house, so that's what I was picturing as I read. I'm glad it's only water that's coming up though. I hope it gets fixed for good today.
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Since everything except the bathroom sink backed up, the plumber snaked out the system.

It seems that, when the new tile was laid, whoever did it did not bolt the toilet back to the floor. In addition, the flange and wax ring were bad. The plumber had to take up the toilet, replace the flange and wax ring and install bolts. I'm lucky the darned thing didn't topple over, with me sitting on it.

All is working well, now. I'm ticked about losing a day's pay, for this.
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Losing a day's pay for something like this, so soon after moving in, is a serious bummer! Thank God he checked out the whole system and it's all working well now.
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BTW just in case the wax ring fails (it shouldn't) that is a DIY type of project that doesn't take too long.
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