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My Pixie is at the vet's...major vibes needed!!

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Hi All

My kitten Pixie is at the vet's today, she's getting spayed. So if I could get some vibes sent her way it'd be greatly appreciated! The vet did say they will call as soon as she's out of surgery to let me know how everything went, which I thought was really nice of them (I was planning on calling the vet's office if they weren't going to call me ). They are keeping her all night as well, which I thought was great. It's their procedue to monitor all animals for 24 hrs after surgery. That really puts me more at ease somewhat, of course I'm still going to worry about my furbaby until she's home safe and sound with me.

So please keep your fingers crossed that all goes well for my Pixie.
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Aww she'll be fine and will be home before you know it. Let us know as soon as they ring you

((((( healing vibes))))) on their way for Pixie
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vibes for Pixie!!
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I'm sure everything will go smoothly!!!
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Sending good vibes to Pixie...I'm sure she will be fine. My Lilly goes in tommorow morning for her spay. I'm worried also. We always worry till their home safe. Lilly comes home late afternoon. My vet always sends them home the same day. I actually feel better getting her home instead of thinking shes being left all night in a strange place in a cage..
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You guys are the best! Thanks so much for helping me feel better!
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Sending many good vibes for an uneventful procedure!
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Sending lots of vibes for Pixie.
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She will be just fine! Have they phoned you yet to let you know?
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Nope, no phone call as of yet. They said it'd probably be closer to 1 or 1:30 p.m. before they called. I just hope it's not later than that or I'll be freaking out thinking something's wrong. When I get a call I'll post straight way.

Thanks again for all the vibes!
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She's going to be just fine! I always worry, too, but it is a very safe surgery. And if they call a little later than expected, it could be that they got behind on other surgeries, so don't worry!

Feel better soon, Pixie!
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The vet just called...and Pixie is doing great!!

The surgery went perfect, her blood work is all good too and she's already up and walking around! I couldn't believe it! The girls there love her...they think she's so cute and fiesty

So they are monitoring her for 24 hrs, she'll have one more check-up tomorrow morning and then I can pick her up anytime after 9 a.m. I can't wait! I miss her so bad all ready!

Thanks again everyone for all the great vibes!

I'll post tomorrow after I bring her home, to let you all know how she's doing.
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