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In the same high little voice, I say "yeow"... Sound like a meow and they answer me...........

I forget sometimes how silly this must sound and I'll catch my husband out of the corner of his eye just shaking his head.

But I have caught him doing the same get them to talk.

I tell them they are 'lookers and talkers'.
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Oliver! How do you keep your whites so white?
Now that's just silly!
I always talk to the dogs I walk as well, and always thought it weird that some people don't talk to their pets. I do get some funny looks, and the conversation is pretty inane, but I never feel self conscious doing it as I think it's a natural thing to do.
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Perhaps the better question is, "Who doesn't talk to their cats like that?" I find myself telling Jamie that I'm leaving for work, what time I'll be home, and that he's to keep warm and stay out of trouble, and not "take any wooden nickels". When I get home, we go through the "out" routine. I ask him what he did that day, and whether he wants to go "outie-out-out and pee pee on the bushes?" His response is "Out-out-outie-out-out" (seriously, that's exactly what it sounds like). He only makes that sound when he wants to go for his walk.
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Reading all these we all seem to ask them the same thing!
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We get responses, though, so we can't be on the wrong track!
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Thats true
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I call my little Jack Daniels a "little punk!" when he's being stubborn. And I often say "You're so pretty and you know it! Yes you are yes you are!"
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Ok... I'll admit I do it too!

Though mostly I just hold full length conversations with her. She will tell me she would like some new water, so I'll say "ok, lets get you some water" Then she'll tell me how she'd like for me to top off her dish with food, so I'll say "ok here you go baby!"

I am constently asking her if "she's mommys little fuzzy baby" and calling her "fuzzy bear" and when it's time for bed it's "come on kitty, let's go nah-night, you want to go nah-night with momma? Let's go nah-night" and she runs into the room to lay down. (well atleast for about a half hour or til I fall asleep which ever is first) then she goes back out to the living room with daddy! (she's such a daddy's girl!!)
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