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Bath time!

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And with a sponge, too, but without any water, of course!!

Yes? Can I help you?

The sponge is MINE

Well, I might just have a nap...or a lick...or...

Well if you're going to hog the bath I'll have this BOX!! (butter wouldn't melt...)
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Awwwww did Sashka sleep in the bath for long? They will lie on the most uncomfortable things?!
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Nope, only for as long as Max was in the shower. Then she hopped in the shower and licked all the water up for me!
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Rosie and Sophie do that with the windows if theres any condensation on them
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Yes, well, it's not quite as gross as having Ruby come up to me EVERY time she's had a drink, and licking me all over with that big sloppy wet tongue, with the nice wet doggy beard to go with it
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Ahha! Too cute! My cats are window lickers too
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