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The darling angels...

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I couldn't resist taking some pics of my beautiful girls in the garden on the weekend...they looked so peaceful and pretty amongst the flowers

Darling Sunday

Just hanging out, looking gorgeous...

Smellin' the roses (well, not quite...)

Pretty girl...
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Sarah they are so lovely!!!. I love the first one of Sunday because the flowers really stand out against her black fur
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And you know, Susan, she's so lazy that I had time to dash inside and get the camera, and I knew she'd still be there when I got back...could've had a cuppa, too, probably.

Sashka was curled up under one of the bushes so cutely, but as soon as she saw me taking photos she came over to have a look...such a poser!
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Sashkas every right to be a poser as well, she's a gorgeous colour
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Oooh my word they are both so gorgeous!
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They are so beautiful
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They are stunning!!! These pics are definitely framable!
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Lovely pictures!
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They turned out gorgeous! I'm a real sucker for flowers and kitties! Awesome job! Hugs to your kitties!
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Wow! Such gorgeous, colorful pictures! Your girls are beautiful!
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They are so pretty!

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Beautiful pictures!!
And I am sooooo jealous - you have flowers!!! I've got spring fever so bad already and nothing but cold weather this weekend......
It's suppose to be below zero!!!
Can I come visit you??
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What lovely pictures. Your cats are gorgeous.The pictures came out stunning. I'm so jealous of your gardens.Its going to be below zero here where I live this week end. I can't wait for spring and my gardens to wake up.
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