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4 very upset kitties....

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All four of them got their baths today and of course I did it while Jay was at work...bad idea on my part! haha...Now they are all very upset with me and I'm getting glared at by each of them and it breaks my heart! So tonight they all snuggled up to Jason and not one of them came near me...I'll know not to do that again. Next time Jason can do it and save me the heart break haha.

Anyone else get that look from their cats that makes you feel horrible?
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I left the house for a couple hours and forgot to refill Samuel's water bowl.

I filled it right when I got home (he also dropped a bunch of his food in the bottom to get wet and soggy for me to clean out), but he's sitting by it now, looking at me all angry-like. I think he might kill me in my sleep.
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Originally Posted by eupnea
I think he might kill me in my sleep.
LOL! I'm afraid of that sometimes....except they're too smart....who would feed them and love them if Meowmy was dead??
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Yesterday morning I left without filling up Harley's bowl with food - he had enuf in there to last him during the day - but I couldn't home home @ noon to feed him, so when I got home, he was MAD! I fed him and he was fine, but he wouldn't even hardly come near me - like he was getting revenge on me!

Little snot!
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When I gave Phenom her first bath I got the same looks. It was a go to H*** meowmy look. And she stay under the chair and glared.
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Oh jeeze. I remember Title's first bath, when I brought her home from the HS. I thought she was going to hate me for the rest of her life. Luckily, she got over it. She plays in water all the time now.
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Oooh I bathed Nismo when I first got her to see if she had fleas (she did) and I must have lost about 6 pints of blood. She would not LOOK at me after that, she just sat there cleaning herself for hours, Sleeves helped her of course, and decided he was annoyed too so both of them snubbed me.
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Bathing cats - You are a very brave lot - if Loki ever has to be bathed it will not be me but a groomer
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Hell603-- we're in the same boat
Would anyone dare bathe this?

Tara, I'm surprised you made it out alive! 4 kittens! Geesh
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I LOVE that last pic! No, I definitely wouldn't dare even THINKG about bathing him!! I'm luck... if you don't shut the bathroom door in time, Tosca gets into the shower with you
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Mom & I bathed Lola last Thursday. She was seething mad & biting. Thankfully, we had put nail caps on her. I wasn't about to bathe an ex-feral with claws & teeth! She finally got over her bath yesterday...when I had to take her to the vet to get spayed. Now she's really angry...

Twitch thinks it's enough punishment to yowl during her bath. That brings Lily to the resuce & let's just say we all get baths. Lily stops moving. Her entire body goes still & she doesn't move or make a sound. She stays mad until I give her some Tuna.
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Haha well it's good to know that my cats aren't the only ones who give me the heart break guilt trip!!! They all seem to be doing a little better with me, I ended up feeling so bad lastnight that I took all 4 of them in bed with Jay and I haha, that didn't last long though At least they are starting to come near me today!
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This is what Harley looked like after his very first bath

He was NOT happy!
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Originally Posted by babyharley
This is what Harley looked like after his very first bath

He was NOT happy!
Haha oh my gosh he's adorable!! Asia looked like a little rat, she's soooo tiny! I couldn't help but laugh she was so cute.
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I love that picture of Harley! Chay has only gotten a half-bath so far, but he was actually very good! No clawing or biting, he just climbed on top of me in the shower to try and avoid the water, so we both got soaked. And not even any pouting afterwards!
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I refuse to give a cat a bath by myself! it definitely requires 2- one to have a good grip on their scruff and another to scrub as fast as humanly possible.
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Tilli absolutely hates baths, he goes nuts and will give me the evil eye for the rest of the day. His borther Timotei on the other hand kind of likes them.
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I've never given them full baths...but sometimes if i don't trim Lucky's bum fur enough she gets some poop danglies. Then she gets a half bath. Oh she howls and cries and looks at me like "how could you meowmy" so then we have to have cuddles wrapped in a towel and treats or else the guilt trip never ends!
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Originally Posted by eupnea
I think he might kill me in my sleep.

LMFAO. One time I stepped on Buddy's tail and he screamed and hauled ass under the bed. I felt so horrible, for the rest of the day he didn't come near me, and it took him about a week before he'd walk next to me.

Also, there was a time when Gizmo was younger (about 6 mos) she'd sneek into the closet and we'd lock her in there, we wouldn't know she was in there and one day she got locked in there ALL day. Poor kitty. Since I was the one who opend the door, I was the one she was mad at, if looks could kill, i'd be dead.

BUT she didn't pee or poop in there, such a good kitty.
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My cats are brought up to enjoy baths. It's the only way.
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