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Kitty cat-nip cigar

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This is the same cat nip cigar I was sold at "The Cat Store" in Myrtle Beach, SC the first time we went.
I went in there when I saw the name of the store on vacation a couple of years ago and the clerk told me about the cigars. She said how cats LOVE them! They didn't look real attractive and I had my doubts, but bought 1. I got it home and she was right!
Last Sept. when I went back to SC I got 3 more.
I gave one away, and this person was shocked at how her cat reacted. It was my son's girlfriend and they had been staying here taking care of our kitties. I put one down and my Lily went crazy with it. She was droolilng on the floor and looked like she was stoned when it I finally took it away from her. She had big bags under her eyes and a wild look on her face. It was so funny, but at the same time it worried me, wondering how strong the nip was. There were no lingering affects.
Anyway, this is that cigar in the link above and if you wanna give you kitty a real treat, try this! They are approx. $5. each + shipping.
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Aren't you worried they'll burn down the house or somethin?
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Ha ha..no way. Frankie, our little rescue now foster, has a different brand catnip cigar (Yeowww! brand) and it is soaking wet since she licks it so much (and naps with her head on it). No chance of a "fire"
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Nice, I should get some of Sabi, she loves catnip!
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I think that's the same thing I saw in Tisol tonight. It was a little congested around the cash, and I was in a bit of a hurry, so I didn't investigate, but you better believe I will next time I'm in there!
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