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Miko has crossed the bridge...

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As some of you may know, Miko almost passed away in October. He had undergone 4 surgeries in a matter of 5 days and spent 2 weeks in intensive care. He recovered well thanks to his amazing vets and staff. When he had surgery in October, we also learned that he had developed arthritis. Over the past few months we have been trying several medications and treatments to ease the pain of his arthritis. He did not respond to any of them. Late last night, I came home to find him foaming at the mouth and he started to get lethargic. I immediately rushed him to the vet hospital and they ran a blood test. Results of the test showed his kidney's were failing. At this point, I saw no reason to keep him alive (other than the fact I just couldn't let him go). Don't get me wrong, money was not the issue. I just did not want him to suffer anymore and live a life that was full of medications, constant vet visits (although he really liked going there) and arthritis pains. He has been in my life since he was 2 months old and everyone knew him as my "son". I would like to thank everyone who sent well wishes and good vibes over the past few months. I truly appreciate the support.

Here are photos of my little man:

06.29.95 - 02.15.06

May he rest in peace...
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Oh no!!! I am so sorry to hear that.
Miko was such a beautiful boy, I always looked forward to seeing new pics of him (and your other furkids)

You did the right thing. He is no longer suffering and I know my Roo met him at the bridge.

Many to you at this sad time.

RIP sweet Miko
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Awww look at the gorgeous little cherub

You did what you thought was right for Miko and i'm sure when you see him again he'll thank you

I bet theres a lot of female kitties following your handsome boy over the bridge right now

Have fun Miko sweetie
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My heart goes out to you. To have been through so much with Miko, then to have to say goodbye hurts so much. His suffering is over now, though, and he's healthy and playing at the bridge. May your memories of Miko comfort you.

Rest in peace, sweet Miko.
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What a beautifull boy Miko was. I'm so very sorry to hear you has passed over. But you did do what was best for him. Its so very very hard to let them go.
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What a beautiful boy.
Looks like my little girl Korki so much its got me doubly sad for you.
Ill pray your hurt ends soon. He knows the love you gave him.
I am sure he is perched on the edge of heaven looking down at you saying "thanks mom ill miss you too."

RIP big boy.
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I am so sorry for your loss. He was a beautiful, much loved kitty and I know your heart must be broken. Please be comforted that you helped him into a new world where he will have no pain. Run and jump and play sweet Miko.
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I'm so sorry. I remember photos of your gorgeous Miko. It must be so hard for you but it sounds like you made the right decision for his quality of life.

Sending mega hugs to you.
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Thinking of you and Miko.
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i'm so sorry to her of your loss - Miko was simply lovely. to you - he's now playing happily with my Mouse!
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I am so sorry, too. I did not know you or Miko, but hs is a beautiful boy. I know that you gave him a wonderful life.
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What a beautiful boy. Play happily over the Bridge Miko.
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Deepest condolences on the loss of your beautiful cat, Miko! May your happy memories bring you comfort!
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Thank you to everyone for your support. I have just been beside myself these past few days and your kind words really make a difference.

Miko was cremated today and when I went to pick up his ashes, some of the pet nurses that took care of him back in October started getting teary eyed. They had grown so attached to him over the past months, we all ended up crying together. It was truly a special moment. I also managed to find a company that makes pet urns and they made a cat urn that was similar to Miko (same fur and eye color, etc). I asked the vet staff to sign his plaque and they are going to keep a photo of him in the lobby area. I hope everyone is lucky enough to work with such wonderful people. Remember to tell your furkids how much you love and appreciate them everyday!
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I am so sorry to hear of your loss of sweet handsome Miko

what a brave decision you made to help him cross to the bridge, its never easy
you put up a good fight little Miko, but now you can rest and be at peace.

play happily sweetheart
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What a beauty boy, your Miko! I'm so sorry for your loss. But isn't it wonderful to have a vet and staff who cares enough for you and your beloved kitties to cry over their loss? My vet and tech did the same with me when we lost Little Roy 2-18-06. They've been with me for over 27 years and many joys & sorrows, and I know they'll be there for many more. I hope your memories of Miko, and knowing he's now happy & healthy, will comfort you.
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