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A new lump

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Last month I posted that I had discovered a lump on my cat's neck which turned out to be a rather large tumor. That was removed and he's been doing well since. However, last night I discovered another lump near where the first had been but lower down towards his shoulder. I'm worried, of course, and hoping I can get him into the vet today.
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Did you have a histopath done on the growth that had been taken off?

Sorry if you're repeating yourself but I didn't see your last post.
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I'm not sure what a histopath is but... they did test the tumor removed the last time. They said they didn't believe the tumor was malignant but that with tumors you can't really be 100% sure. I still have to wait another hour (aprox.) till the vet opens and I can call to see if I can take him in.
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Ah I see. If it wasn't malignant then possibly it was a lipoma(fatty tumor) and they sprout up like weeds in some animals. Although this is more common in dogs then cats but they can get them.

What does the lump look like and feel like?
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Oh bless you and your kit.

Isha had a lump on her neck once, I feared it was a tumor, but it turned out to just be an abcess (thank god).

I know what your feeling. Hope it turns out to be nothing!
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Its a firm mass, sort of eliptical. Its smaller than the last time and its not anchored in place like the last one. When I feel that spot and pull on the skin the mass moves with it. So, I hope that means its less serious.
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When you play with it, does it seem to have a slightly softer center?

Have you tried giving her anti-biotics, to see if it shrinks or goes away? That was isha's case. The vet said if it shrank and became hard, then it was all good, if not it could mean trouble :/
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Mmmm... Sounds cystic possibly..... Although you can never make a diagnosis without a veterinarian. Hopefully you'll be able to get an appointment soon.
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I can't tell if it has a squishy center. We haven't tried antibiotics. The last time the tumor was in a bad place (between a vein and an artery and pressing on his throat) so we removed it right away.
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Well, I finally was able to talk to the lady at the animal hospital I take my pets to. I am not able to get an apointment until Friday. I don't think the lump will change much in that time. I was thinking its probably important to go to the same vet, rather than rush and go somewhere else sooner, since my cat already has a bit of a history in this area.

Do you guys agree?
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I agree. A lump is not an emergency(unless it's an abcess) and it's best to stick with a vet that knows your kitty and you trust.
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I'm glad you agree. The vet I take my cats too is just wonderful. They go that extra length. The last time after his surgery they even made him a little scarf with his name and a design with puffy paints to help him look a little better.
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Aww.. that is sweet. I wish every hospital was like that. It shows they really care and love your kitty almost as much as you do.

At least you know he is in good hands with them.
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ugh, your lucky I still have yet to find a vet that I like

I've gone through about 5 or 6 so far.
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I just noticed something else on my cat. On his neck, I guess its bellow where his mouth and tongue would be, he has two equal bumps... could that be swollen glands? My poor kitty has too many problems! The lump, a rash (that is getting better) and these two bumps now!
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Could be...... Maybe you should call the vet back and let them know you think his Lymph nodes are swollen..... Was the tumor removed close to them?
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My vet is closed now till monday so I decided to give the number they recommend on the answering machine a call. Boy, that lady I got on there was snippy! I shall have to wait till Monday to talk to my own vet again.

His original tumor was on the right side of her neck halfway between his jaw and shoulder and extended back towards his spine a little bit. The new lump in on the same side but just above his shoulder. The two bumps that could be swollen glands as they are the same on either side are bellow his chin between his jaws... so I think that could be unrelated.

The snippy woman I called seemed to basically be saying unless he's dieing we don't want to see him. I didn't much appreciate her attitude when all I wanted was information.
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Just a couple questions for you.

What food(s) are you feeding them (including if it dry or canned),
and do these cats go outdoors at all?
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Its only my one cat with the problems, the other has not problems.

He has been an indoor cat since September with no problems at all adjusting to the change. He is finicky about food. The only wet cat food he will eat is Friskies and the hard cat food he eats is Acana (he had digestive problems with ALL other hard cat food brands I tried).
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Have you ever thought about having a biopsy done of the lymph nodes that are surrounding the tumor or were surrounding the first tumor?

I know w/cancer they do that in order to find out if it has spread through out the body.

Hopefully your cat will be back to normal soon, good luck.

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I don't know much at all about this, but at the appointment I shall ask.
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Well, he had his vet appointment today. I found the whole thing rather upsetting. The vet isn't sure right now how to diagnose him but to me it seems like its leaning to the side of the worst possibilities. All his glands (in his neck and apparently near his hind quarters) are swollen and he has the large lump on his neck near the shoulder. The vet was saying that he seems to be showing many of the signs for a type of lukemia except for his behavior. Peachey is behaving normally, eating well, and not losing any weight, in fact he gained a little bit in the past month and a half. They have taken some tests, I forget what it was called but its when they stick needles in and take some samples. The vet also ordered the tumor that was removed a month and a half ago retested as she can't figure out why that would have come back as not being serious and then this lump reoccuring so quickly. The vet is going to run the test and they are sending the samples to a lab so they can also run the tests. They are calling me with results tomorrow, but I'm not sure if those are their results or the lab's results.

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I will be sending good thoughts your way
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Geez, I'm so sorry to hear this. Honestly I got a bit worried when you mentioned his lymph nodes were swollen.

At least you know your kittie is in good hands with your vet and I wish the best for you and him. I hope eveything turns out for the better. Please let us know what you hear.
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The vet called me just a few minutes ago with the preliminary results on the tests. She was only able to tell me one thing, that it isn't the leukemia and she doesn't have a clue what it is other than it is some kind of cancer. They are sending the samples away to a lab that specializes in this type of thing to find out what kind of cancer it is and whether it is treatable or not. She says we can have at least a smidgeon of hope in the fact that my cat is eating and maintaining his weight well. That makes me feel a little better and gives me a small bit of hope that we can do something. I have to wait approximately 5 days to get the results from the other lab.

When we get results back, I'm only going to treat him if there is a good chance this is a treatable cancer. If it isn't, I don't want to put him through such a hard time just for me. I'd feel selfish giving him more time by causing him discomfort with a treatment. He is 12 years old so I don't want to put him through too much.

Well, thats the update. I shall write again when the other results come in, I shall probably make a new thread for that.
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