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Does anyone wash there cat with dishsoap? Is it good for them? Can it harm them? One of the breeders that our first show cat came from said that when we give him a show cat that we should wash him with dishsoap and then some shampoo for white cats. We have raggies.
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I'm sure it wouldn't do any harm.. But I would think a shampoo made for cats would be a better choice. It wouldn't dry there skin out so much..
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The biggest problem I'd have with dishsoap is that, by design, it strips oils.
Oils that are essential to the health of skin and coat.
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I cant imagine that it hurts them, but I dont think that's good for them. I wouldn't worry about specific cat soaps, just use baby shampoo. It wont hurt their eyes, and it wont be harsh on their skin. A breeder gave me that tip once.
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When I show bathe Veeshan I use Goop, Dawn, and a volumnizing shampoo. Veeshan is a somali and I think different breeds use different shampoos.
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Dishsoap like Dawn is used precisely because it strips the coat of oil, so it is useful when that is needed. In the shop we mostly use Goop though.
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