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Anyone heard of this?

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Recently my cat has become "addicted" to what we affectionately call "beatings". She loves constant pats to her backside just above her tail. Goes crazy. Loudly purrs and rubs her face against whatever is available. Sometimes, the harder you pat, the louder she purrs. What's going on here? Does anyone know why she would like this? She constanly begs for it now. Stares at us with her rear up in the air and ready. It's to the point where neither my wife nor I can sit on the couch or brush our teeth in the morning without the cat right there begging for a "beating". Anything you can tell us would be great. My brother did it to his girlfriend's cat and it loves it too.
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My little cat Ninja loves this too. My older cat likes it a little, but only for a short time.
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I haven't noticed Oliver having a fondness for this, but my black lab LOOOOOOVEESSS it!! To the point where she greets you with her back end, looking for what we somehow started to call a "finking" (and it continues with the base of her tail being called the "finky bone" her state during the finking called her being "finkalized" etc...) she'll be 12 in March and this has gone on since day 1, haha ... it's absolutely hilarious as she'll start diving her head into the side of the couch, bed, whatever she's up against, "tap dancing" with her back legs and like growling/moaning/"aroooo-ing" in satisfaction .... she'll let you do it for as long as your fingers can stand and will even roll around on the floor if you place your hand under her back when she's laying down and will squirm around growling in delight (which is called her being "dogfish" as she looks like a fish outa water )... anyway, haha, I know that was all about the dog and this is a cat site, but basically I think it's just a spot that feels good on animals... kinda like scritches behind the ears...
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Yes! Yours wouldn't be a Siamese by any chance? Our Siamese cat named Candy loved being beaten on the back with a fly swat! Don't ask me how we found out she liked this, because I don't know. All we had to do was hit the floor with the fly swat and she would come running! My adult daughter's Siamese (no relation to ours) also loved the fly swat. These were old-style Siamese which were a lot sturdier in build than the current version.

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My calico, Patches, is the same way. She hates to be touched on her tail, but she has the same reaction to head pats. Absolutely loves it and gets upset if we dare to stop. When I posted about this, someone else said that some cats have lots of nerve endings at the base of the tail.
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My boys are the same way! If they don't get their daily "butt pats" they'll get quite insulted, lol. Spliff enjoys them a lot more...you can go for about a half hour with him, and he'll still scream for more after that. I'm asuming it has something to do with a pleasure spot or something...??
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Phenom love this too! She also likes if you scratch her heard roughly to like you would a dog. She is a pain if you dont give her her daily rough love!
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My first cat, which is still with my parents Rufus, is what we like to call a masokitty. Because she loves this too. Exact same, likes hard taps....shes goes on a big angle to put her butt up in the air, and usually eventually tips over, then quickly gets back up to resume spanking. Strangeness for sure
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Thor is exactly the same. Loves a good 'beating' just above his botty there. Mind, Thor also *likes* to have his tail pulled. Actually enjoys it. My BF Dave throws him in the air and catches him, then puts him on the carpet. Thor loves it - tears back to Dave to be thrown again.

Thor's a very rough'n'tumble tiddle. He playfights with our GSD. And wins.
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I tried giving my crew butt pats and they all just looked at me like I was insane. Gracie and Raphael have elevator butts when you PET them, but they don't like to be patted, I guess.
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My cat also loves this.
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