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going on a cruise

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Leave out of miami, to key west, the yucatan and back to Miami. we leave on 4/06 and the full day at sea will be my birthday. I think that will be pretty cool if we don't have a rough ocean.
I wish I could take my kitties with me. Haven't figured out what the care routine will be while I am gone. since my old girl (17) will be confined to my bedroom to avoid her 3 rambunctious brothers, I am thinking once a day might not be enough for feeding and scooping. I hate to think of her being alone all that time, although she will have two windows to look out. It will depend on her health too, she gets steroid once a month which is like the fountain of youth for her. Towards the end of the month she starts vomiting and doesn't eat much. I have to make sure she has a shot right before I go. any thoughts?
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Awee lucky you gets to go on a cruise! Take me take me take me!!

I would leave her an extra potty pan and be sure to get her the shot before you go. I think she will be fine. A little mad that you left her in the room alone but fine!
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How did the cruise go???
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She won't leave until April
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom
She won't leave until April

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At least you're not leaving out of Ft Lauderdale....they have not had great luck here lately.
You'll have a great time. I've been on over a dozen cruises, since I've moved here in 92. Can't wait to go on another one!
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I just signed up today to swim with the Dolphins. Have any of you done it? Was it scary? Could the Dolphins read your mind? Heal your body?
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That sounds exactly like the itinerary my sis is on right now! Are you taking Carnival cruise lines? She should be on the return leg home. They dock on Saturday.
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Just thought I would follow up on my cruise experience. Prior to going I found out from my vet that Swimming with the dolphins in Mexico is an explooitive business, the dolphins are ripped from the wild, their siblings murdered, and then they are starved into submission. I cancelled my reservation and wrote to the cruise line about discontinuing to support this business. You can read more about it on PETA. Raddison (I think that's the name) is the only cruise line thus far that discontinued offering this excursion. Please write to the cruise lines and demand they stop supporting these ruthless profiteers!

AS far as the cruise, I don't think I will do another one any time soon. The hilites were the butterfly conservatory in Key WEst (a must see) and the cute tourist village in calicha mexico, playa de carmen.

On the ship, of course the food was plentiful, but it was really crowded. The adult pool (the one without a million screaming kids) did not have one lick of shade, so it was not a place I could lounge (no sun for me). I lounged in the small patches of shade crowded in with a hyndred other people that wanted to share the patch. Anyway, to sum it up Negatives: Disorganization and misinformation prior to sailing, no shade, a can of beer $4.50!!@, Too many people, too many lines to wait in.
Positives, nice people staff, and cruisers, good port stops, comfortable rooms and beds, good food. Yes it was Carnival Imagination.
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