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Well, I'm new to this site, and I just posted a message about my pregnant cat. No one has answered, but I guess that's my fault for posting it so late at night, or early in the morning? Plus I think I posted it in the wrong area.
Anyway I figured I could introduce myself and my kitties. I'm DADDYOF6 and i am the happy owner of 6 cats. I never planned to have that many cats, but I hate seeing cats without a loving home when I know I can provide for them better.
My oldest cat is Princess a blue/grey and white siamese persian mix. I belive she is about six years old and she is very snotty and thinks she is better than everyone else, but I still love her. The next cat is Stinky who is almost 2 and got his name because he was a little stray kitten living in garbage cans which gave him a "unique" odor. He is very rude to my other "little boy". Which is Sam who is not even a year old, He is a blue/grey color with white feet and a crooked white mustache. He's my little baby who likes to suckle on my hand, (i'm not sure if that's normal or not). Then I have his twin sister Samantha who is not covered in the blue/grey color but has equal amounts of blue and white, she is definately my little "girly-girl". Then I have my calico Precious, who is definately not precious. She's my little tom boy who plays so rough the boys won't even play with her, plus she probably weighs more than them anyway. And last. but not least, Miss Kitty who is my little mother cat, who I rescued from a homeless life of poverty. I don't know how old she is but she is very sweet especially since she became an expected mother. She has very soft grey, light yellow, and white fur. Yes that's all six of my little babies, they are a hand full but i don't know what i'd do with out the spoiled little brats.
So Hi everyone! Hope you liked reading about my kitties. And feel free to e-mail me if you'd like. Bye
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I just answered your other post about your pregnant calico.
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hi there! welcome. men who love cats are great! they have to be. this is a great place. unfortunately, i can't help you with your pregnant kitty problem. let us know how she does!
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Hi, It's nice to have you and your growing family. I'll bet you have a lot of laughs at home! I have a Precious too. She's mischievous, but sweet, too!
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Welcome to the site!! I'm sure there is never a dull moment with your family. And new kittens coming too - that should shake things up a bit!

Hope to see you posting often!
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Hi, again! Your little boy sucks on your hand because he was taken away from his mother too soon. The reason I'm telling you is that most people think 6 weeks is the right age to give kittens a new home. It is not. Most experts would like to see them stay with mother cat until 12 weeks, even if they are weaned. Try not to rush it, ok? Find an inexpensive clinic; I know what an expensive thing it is to pay for shots, but the babies will need them.
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i'm trying to respond to daddyof6. i don't know what the fluid could be coming from miss kitty like that. i bet you are worried, i get so worried about my babies. do you want me to ask my really, really, really loving and caring vet here? i know what you mean about mean vets. my kittens' first experience with another human besides me & my husband was a mean vet who comes to your home. horrible experience.

i'm in a dilemma with a homeless kitty at my work. i guess it's been there a couple of years, but it got trapped inside and a long story short, the kitty everyone deemed to be ferral is my best buddy at work. we bonded and i HATE knowing it's over there right now at night alone. i have 3 cats (a homeless mom i took in who only had 2 kittens and we kept them both - a little happy family) and my husband isn't wanting to add any more and i think it may mess up the "family-ness" these three have together in life. i'm searching all my avenues of finding a home for this little jewel i've named "baby", which he/she responds to after only 5 days of befriending it by me!

that's so awesome you are a cat lover.
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Thanks catgirlie, if you could please ask your vet i would really appreciate it. I asked the "not-so-nice" vet here and he didn't seem too interested in helping me out and i'm not so sure I trust his answer. So please ask your vet and get back to me I would really appreciate it.

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Daddy of 6:

I checked with my vet's office this a.m. and the technician suggests you take Miss Kitty in because of her age, it could be that it would be difficult for her to "pass" the kittens and she herself could get hurt. I told them the vet out there was not good and she still suggested it. I wish there was another vet you could take her to. Maybe you could stay with her the entire time this vet is examining her. I don't know. That is a huge dilemma to me since I'm so overprotective of my kitties and I don't know if I could take them to a terrible vet. That's so sad that Miss Kitty's gone through her whole life not spayed. Poor thing. It sounds like she's finally made it to a loving home, though, and I know you'll take care of her.

I know my vet's advice didn't help much as far as a "fix" right now goes. I can keep checking around with my other cat lover friends to see if they've experienced this, but I know time is of the essence.

We have a ton of vets here, you must live in a rural, rural area to have only one vet...

I'll say lots of prayers for Miss Kitty!!
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Well, after I've asked a few questions I think I finally have come to a conclusion. With the yellow, fluid coming out of her and her frequent visits to the litter box, I'm pretty sure she has an infection. The local vet did suggest an infection. I've been giving her antibiotics and the fluid seems to have cleared up for the time being. I have not noticed it today or yesterday. Thanks for asking your vet I'm very grateful. I do live in an extremely rural area, I like to call it the middle of nowhere. The closest vets that are worth going to are about 20 miles in either direction and they are very expensive, and I am having a few financial problems at the moment so they really aren't an option at this time.
Please, Keep me posted if your friends have any information that could be useful.

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Hi Dad of 6
Your Miss Kitty sounds like she has a urinary tract infection. This can be very painful for her so I hope you have the right antibiotic. I will be visiting my vet tomorrow night so if there are any questions you have let me know and I'll ask her. Its ashame you don't have a nice vet out there.I have been going to the same one for years she has moved to different practices but she always lets me know where she is.She is the best. Anyway you might want to try switching the cat food you feed her.Purina makes one called Special Care which works well. Good luck with the kittens are you going to keep them all or try to find them homes??
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Hi and welcome to you and your kitties! I'm sorry to hear that your baby has a urinary tract infection. Hopefully she will get better soon. Feel free to ask any questions that you might have. There are a TON of people here who would be more than happy to help you out.
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