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I took a few pictures of ethl & cosmo tonight...They like to play fight at night. Cosmo does not get along w/our cat Lucy, but he loooves to play w/Ethl.

Cosmo likes to sit by the printer, in hopes that we might print something. Unfortunately, he likes to attack the paper:frown:.

Cosmo is really good at standing on his back legs like a prairie dog, weird!


Thanks again for all of the support w/Perl. I'm so happy that I have a healthy dog & cats.

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sorry the last attack picture didn't post

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Awww! What cute pics!
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VERY pretty kitties!!!
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That's cute!! I love when dogs and cats interact.

My dog Natala doesn't play much with the cats but she herds them around which is strange for a Lab......

Scooby loves his kitties though. They share toys. He lets them run off with his tennis ball and he eats one of their mice. Fair trade I guess.
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Cute!! Cosmo looks like he's dancing in that second picture!!
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Looks like one big happy family!
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Originally posted by Debby
Cute!! Cosmo looks like he's dancing in that second picture!!
That's what I was thinking! Good pictures too!
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Nice series of photos there!!
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what great pics! You have very sweet kitties!
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Pretty babies.......
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Good pictures!
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What lovely babies!! cute cute cute!!
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Great pics! They both look so cute. My two kitties are always fighting and they stand on their back legs just like the one in the picture.
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