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Is her belly just fat?

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Darci, my 10 month old kitten has what looks to me like a real bloated tummy. She is playful, not complaining, using her litter box and eating ok. She also lets me touch her tummy. I would think she was pregnant if she wasn't spayed and her brother was not nuetered. She is a little girl and that is why it is so prominent. I don't think she is overfed. Is this something to be concerned about? I am really trying hard not to be a crazy kitten mommy - but this little girl has me worried.
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She could certainly have worms and that would cause her tummy to be bloated. If it were me I would have her checked by a vet to be sure.
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Has she ever been wormed?
I've been taught that is safe to assume that most kittens born here have worms.. its that common. One of the major signs of worms is a big pot belly.
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she has been wormed - she is a n indoor cat and is really spoiled on what I feed her. I will have to read up on what causes worms and could she get them and her brother not get them?
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I dunno much about that..But I do know, that my aunts cat started looking bloated and took her kitty to the vet, and found out he had a rare illness, and that within a matter of weeks he was going to die.

Which he did...And it makes me concerned that your other kitty doesnt have this as well, because I just always worms were contagious...Maybe it's just the beginning of some worms. Either way...

A vet is what you need, in case something is seriously wrong, you'll know.
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If it really looks out of the ordinary I would have it looked at just to reassure myself. A large belly can be related to fluid in the abdomen, enlarged liver, or any one of 1,000 other things.
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Yes, best thing for her would be the vet. The belly is probably from worms, but just to be sure. My Julian had a big belly and we thought it was worms but we found out that he had FIP. I'm not trying to make you worry, but it's best to have your kitty looked at.
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Wow, I have been away and am sorry to be reading all this on Saturday morning when I can do nothing. I will take Darci too the vet Monday but I suspect I am over reacting. I will let everyone know what happens Monday.
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When we first got Sleeves I didn't know how a 6 week olds abdomen was meant to look but once I wormed him and he did have worms I realised his belly had been swollen, as it went down once all the nasty little things had left him.
I know you said you wormed your cat but I have heard that the parasite can be picked up from people's shoes in your home, at the vets etc etc somebody correct me if I'm wrong.
So it's possible that since you wormed her she may have picked it up somewhere.
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I dewormed my kitten with revolution 3 weeks ago. She has a big belly. But I think thats because she is getting fat. She was really scrawny when i got her at 6 weeks and she was more likely to get worms where she was before than at my house. I think she also has been eating a lot more now at my house because when I got her and growled and bit when you touched her while eating. Now she doesnt. She was in a litter of 4 or 5 and she was the smallest. Now im slightly worried it could be maybe worms?
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Xpierced your kitten has the sweetest face. I would just cuddleher all up.

I talked to the vet and he said doubtful it is worms she is almost a year and is a completely indoor cat and only eats pro plan and dry food. I am going to go ahead and bring her in on Monday just be sure my boo is ok.
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Just a final note - Doctor said Darci is a healthy little girl that could lose maybe a pound of two less temptations and she will be good.
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