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The Waiting to get engaged-thread

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Okay so we have a "soon to be wed thread" so I decided to start a waiting to get engaged thread.
So tell us your story. How did you meet, fall in love, how long have your been together.

I so have wedding/engagement/baby/kitty fever!!

Lee and I met through my ex. He was a friend. (I know it sounds terrible). So me and the ex, we will call him the idiot, fell on some hard times. I caught him cheating on me with several other girls. Our relationship ended and I really liked Lee. So I called him up and we went out to dinner. We went out to dinner 3 nights in a row and the rest is history. We became an official couple February 26, 2003. The 26 of this month will be 3 years!!

Now I want to know about all of you!!!
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Hey here goes... Rune and I met over the interenet after one very drunken rambling in a chatroom about my ex leaving me. He dropped everything and came to se ethat I was alright and helped me get back on my feet. We became an official couple in March 2002, so it'll be 4 years this year - we dated long distance until July 5th last year.

Iiiiiiimm STILL waiiiiting!!! He knows I want to be asked..........
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i was in a relationship for 2 1/2 years, and was engaged for only a month! This was at the end of last year

I now really like this other guy, weve known each other for 2 years but never met because our bf's gf's didnt allowe it.. But we finally met in reality.. about 3 weeks ago
But strange things are happening and its freaking us out!
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My BF and I met through a local community group. It's really like a storybook type of tale on how we hooked up.

We were hanging out at a function of this group and wound up talking until about 5 am the next morning. I emailed him a couple times, inviting him to a couple of parties I was having and never heard back from him. This other girl I was friends with was interested in him as well, until he just disappeared. We didn't hear anything from him for like 2 months. I gave up on him, she was still peeved and thought he was rude.
Anyhoo, I found out that during those 2 months he had 2 friends that died (they weren't close anymore, but had been in touch every so often). One in a car accident, one OD.
After 3-4 months he came back to the community group. Within a month at some Halloween function we just started making out. He basically told me that the only reason he came back to the group was just to see if there was a possibility between us. Later he did admit that he did see a girl during the "disappearance" but she was a little psycho (she wound up hacking into his email and emailing me telling me that he's still with her and some other things that were just odd).
Anyhoo we're still together after 2 years, psycho girl stopped calling last summer after I saw it was her and grabbed his phone from him and chewed her out. He made me cry last summer because he fessed up saying that he had planned to propose last november, but because he was without a job, he didn't want to.
Now that he's employed again, he's getting his finances settled and we'll go from there.
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Just so Im clear on this...I dont want to get engaged to my boyfriend as of now. We arent doing well, but I want to tell my story anyhow.

I worked at Subway, and he was hired on and I thought he was hot. Well, he thought my friend was hot, so I hooked them up, and went on thier first date with them to the movies. (I had a boyfriend at this time)

We soon became friends, and it turned into Best Friends, and we were together every day. Well one day after being best friends for about 2 years, his girlfriend was on vacation, and we were at a party together. I was walking to my car and had found my boyfriend making out with another girl, On top of his own car.

So I freaked out, and of course my best friend, was there to console me. Well, i was super drunk, and had mentioned to him that we should just go out because we were so compatible. So, somehow, that happened. Wierdest day of my life. It was like kissing my Brother. But we got over it.

Then soon after that, I found out I was pregnant with his child...and so we got a place together. And have lived here ever scince...

Our daughter is 2 now. But him and I dont really like each other anymore.

In fact...We were on the "Larry Elder Show" to try & fix us. Larry Elder is like a Dr. Phil thing, just not as big, I think Larry Elder show got cancelled not to long ago too.
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I'm waiting...I know it's not gonna happen until Mark graduates though so hopefully this year...!! We were actually all talking about it last night with his family, it being Valentines Day! So I feel like it's close.
I used to work in a call centre for a bank and Mark used to work there part time at the weekends. I got promoted in 2003 and was in charge of the weekend team... we got on really well and I reeeally fancied him. We text each other quite a lot, but he had a GF and I had a BF (who I hated). Mark and his GF were having problems, he was basically falling out of love with her, I was there to lend a shoulder, we went out with friends a few times, he split up with his GF I split up with my BF, eventually we started going out on our own and that was it! Within 5 months I had moved in with him and we'd both given up our jobs, we'd have been seriously frowned upon to be together at our old work.
We use his birthday as our official 'date' as that was when we really decided we wanted to be together, so thats 2 years next month, but really we've known each other for 3 years. I've never felt like this though. Ive been in long relationships before and thought it was love, but when you meet the right person it's a whole different feeling.
We talk about marriage all the time and we've both asked each other a few times. He got down on one knee in a nightclub once! But we're not actually engaged. I can't wait though. I want to be totally surprised, I don't care how he does it I just don't want to have any inkling it's about to happen
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P.S Leah Im really sorry you and your boyfriend are feeling like this with each other at the moment. Do you think you will sort it out?
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Great idea for a thread!

I moved here to the Rochester/WI area about 2 years ago to be with my then boyfriend. I found a job right away and moved here that summer. I soon realized that moving here with my ex was a HUGE mistake - he was all about partying, going out with other women til 4AM every weekend. I had been with him for 5 years, he was never the 'committment/wedding' type - so I finally had gotten up the courage to break up with him.

When I was going thru the whole pre- breakup, I had met John at work. We started hanging out as friends, and his uncle that works here pretty much set us up. I had started hanging out with John while I was still dating my ex and John gave me the strength and courage to break up with my ex - I had never thought I would find love after my ex - boy was I wrong!

We moved in togehter shortly after that (in June - we started dating in May!)
He gave me a promise ring for my brithday that May and I fell in love with him right away. I've always told myself that I wanted to marry a man that was a combination like my Grandpa and my Dad - and John was a complete spitting image of them both

We've been together just about 10 months now, we talk about marriage all the time - we just need to save up some money and get our feet sable with good jobs and such - we hope to be engaged within the next year or 2
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I'm going to be 41 in July and have been waiting, basically since I entered puberty (1978), to become engaged. However, most states require a bridegroom before issuing a marriage license, and since nobody ever asked, here I am.

Personally, I've found cats much better company than any guy I've ever dated. Good thing, too.
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Wow! I thought I was the only girl that fell for their guy while dating my sorry ex! Its comforting to know that I am not the only one!! I felt so bad fora long time!!
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom
Wow! I thought I was the only girl that fell for their guy while dating my sorry ex! Its comforting to know that I am not the only one!! I felt so bad fora long time!!
Nope - you're not the only one - is it back that I DIDNT feel bad about falling for John while I was dating my ex?!
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Originally Posted by babyharley
Nope - you're not the only one - is it back that I DIDNT feel bad about falling for John while I was dating my ex?!
Me neither!! I knew I wanted to be with Mark and its heartless but I didnt care, I couldnt get out of my relationship quick enough. It was a very destructive relationship and he was very controlling. I wouldnt be surprised if every girl he meets, meets someone else whilst going out with him.
Isn't love great though? Does everyone agree? Its such hard work at times but worth it.
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Nah I dont think so! If the other guy was a scum bag like mine was then I wouldn't feel bad!
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom
Nah I dont think so! If the other guy was a scum bag like mine was then I wouldn't feel bad!
I felt bad for hurting him - but in the end I felt like I had tried too long to make him happy - and I realized that it was my life and I wanted to be happy too!

I still wish him the best in life tho We were just 2 different people that wanted different things in life, thats for sure!
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I met my bf because my friend convinced me to call him because we seemed to have so much in common. I had just came out of a very long and very bad relationship and thought that I was immune to falling for another man.
I was crazy about him from the minute I saw him, and we did have the same intrests. I moved in with him 4 months later and have been incredibly happy ever since! We just had our 3 year anniversary on the 8th of this month. I still cannot wait to get home and be with him!
I will marry him in a minute when he asks me. He is the BEST!
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Originally Posted by babyharley
I felt bad for hurting him - but in the end I felt like I had tried too long to make him happy - and I realized that it was my life and I wanted to be happy too!

I still wish him the best in life tho We were just 2 different people that wanted different things in life, thats for sure!
Ha! You are better than me about your ex! I wish nothing but bad luck on the idiot! I hope he is miserable for the rest of his life. I am sorry that he is so immature and talked crap about ME! Like the whole situation was MY fualt!! Keep in mind that he cheated on Me and tried to sleep with my BEST FRIEND!!! So I wish him the worst!!
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Trav and I met online and then found out that we had had the same friends that went to his high school. The day after we met for the first time in person, we became official(February 2,2003)

We talk about marriage all the time. I know it won't happen until we are financially stable but I cannot WAIT for that day! I feel like in the next year or 2
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Ah, finally, a place for me.

Ian and I met in our dorm freshman year. Good ol' St. Elizabeth Seton Hall. The story is a good would have made an extremely good 2-part plot line on Dawson's Creek or 90210, and thus, I don't have the energy to post it here. It involved my best friend being in love with him, though...
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Yey! A thread for those of us in Limbo!

Originally Posted by lionessrampant
Ah, finally, a place for me.

Ian and I met in our dorm freshman year. Good ol' St. Elizabeth Seton Hall. The story is a good would have made an extremely good 2-part plot line on Dawson's Creek or 90210, and thus, I don't have the energy to post it here. It involved my best friend being in love with him, though...
Find the energy!!

I've been with my man for a little over 2 years officially. We met through a mutual friend.... Hold on cause this gets complicated. Two of my friends (B and L) from highschool went to a different college than me. One of them (L) was dating a girl who's sister was roommates with my s/o at the time (platonic, in fact, she was dating someone else.)

Apparently B had a crush on me at the time, and was getting teased by L and my s/o about it. To further B's cause (unbeknownst to him) my s/o hijacked B's IM and began talking to me. That was in May of 2003. Later that month, the s/o was driving through my town and stopped by to meet me in person. We went to the mall and got Hoagie cheese fries, the first time I'd had them and if truth be told, I despise them.

Anyway.... We were just friends at that point because he was in a long-term relationship with someone else and I was interested in someone else (who I actually dated for a short time before we got together.)

That summer, we all (me, B, L, the s/o and various other people) went on this wonderful camping trip which is too embarrassing to go into..

That fall we were keeping in touch and he was really supportive through my parents break up and consequent divorce. That fall we just sort of fell for eachother... We were a "couple" by Dec. 2, but he asked me officially to be "his grrl" Christmas Eve at midnight. He re-asks me every year at the same time if I'll continue to stay with him.

Anyway, we've been talking about getting married and we're actually going to go look for a sapphire for my engagement ring on my graduation day (there's a place here where you go and get a bucket of gravel from a mine and try to find gems and I'm skipping my graduation ceremony.)

We want to get married around Summer solstice in June 2007.... but as he hasn't asked me yet I don't really fit on the "Wed" thread!
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Ok, ok. Here goes.

Once upon a time (August 30, 2003), in a faraway land called "Chicago, Illinois", there were a bunch of kids about to start their first year of college. Our characters' names were Allie, Ian, Cheryl, Emma, Jessica, Paul (he lived across campus, but was still a music student) and RT, but he didn't go to college with the rest of the kids. He went to trade school in the suburbs, but we'll get to him later.

The first night in their new dorm, Seton Hall, they were still a bit anxious and excited about theri new surroundings, so our heroes (except for Paul and RT) gathered in room 329, the luxurious (read: small) domocile of Allie, Emma and Cheryl. Allie and Cheryl had become fast friends via the phone and internet immediately upon receiving their room assignemnts. Jessica and Allie had been in youth orchestras together for ages and were excited about "neighbors' in the dorm. Emma was the out-of-stater from Michigan. Ian was the hot-shot king of his high school from a tiny suburb next to the international runway of O'Hare airport which no one had heard of.

Anyway, we all got together and played Cranium, because we're a big bunch of nerds. Ian spent the night hitting on me, much to disappointment of Cheryl and Jess, who had their eyes on this hottie as well. When he asked who the guy in the picture on my desk was, I word vomitted "Oh, we're sort of dating", even though we really weren't anymore. Way to shoot myself in the foot. The next day, when I told Jess that I liked Ian, she announced that not only did she like Ian as well, but that she had made out with him. Wanting to end the bad guy-mongering habits I had had in high school, I decided to cede this one to her. Ian did seem a little arrogant anyway.

Well, it was a good thing, too, because Ian was also kind of a "playa". After he decided that Jess had too much baggage, he moved on to Ashley, then Lauren. Then, onto Cheryl. Only, he and Cheryl actually talked. He totally liked her! Of course they both confided in me. I told them to do it the only way my little naive self approved of it: make it official! So, even though he had some hesitations for his own reasons, he went ahead and asked her out. He was pleased, she was thrilled.

Around this same time, this creep, Paul (who I didn't know at that point was a creep) began pursuing me. I was happy to have the attention, now being the 3rd wheel with my 2 best friends (did I mention that Ian and Cheryl and I became EXTREMELY close friends in those first few weeks?), so I went along with it. There should have been all kinds of red flags, but I totally missed them. After telling me he loved me, after like 2 weeks of "officially" dating, he dumped me the following day. I later learned that he was really rboken up about being dumped by his ex of 3 years. I met this girl fairly recently...she looks and talks the way I do and we have almost identical tastes. Hmmm...

Well, the day after Paul dumped me, Ian thought it would be a good opportunity to dump the increasingly clingy and freakishly dependent Cheryl. He liked her, sure, but not that much. I was actually kind of horrified at this point, because I thought that logically EVERY relationship ended in love unless it was declared "low-key". This just goes to show you how much things change between age 18 and age 20. So I was a little disgusted with him. But more upset about Paul, since I was busy going along with that whole deal. So now, you have me and my best friend Cheryl, just totally upset about our situation. Only with Cheryl, and this is an important plot detail, she was unwilling to give up on Ian and began to fall steadily more and more in love with this enigma of a guy.

Well, Paul called me one night to "hang out". While I fully intended to go, I was all melencholy about the possibility that he was just doing this to make me feel better. So Ian, trying to be helpful, told me that he was SURE Paul would put the moves on me and that he was willing to put money on it. Not one to pass up the opportnity for free cash, I told him that I'd take the bet. He told me to set the terms. Based on an earlier conversation I had with Ian about "fun strings-free dates" and fancy restaurants, I said that if he lost he'd have to take me on one such date.

Ian lost the bet.

The next weekend, he took me to Bistro 110, which is in the real toursity part of town, near Water Tower and the Hancock building. It was easily the most fun date I had ever been on in my life. Sure it was stress free and we weren't following the rules of dating, but it was fun on another level. It was quite clear that Ian and I had a chemistry that went beyond friendship. If only we had owned up to it then.

Well, he kissed me at the end of that date. And one thing lead to another...there were more dates and even secret weekend train rides out to his mom's house to escape the dorm and the roommates. He was a judge for IHSA Speech team events, and I'd just tell everyone that my big fat Italian Family was getting together to do something. At one point, we were both leaving campus every weekend. Eventually, it got even more difficult to resist each other and we were "finding opportunities" to be with each other at school. Cheryl is, at this point, still madly in love with Ian. ANd Ian and I are either in deep denial or are totally ignorant of the fact that this is obviously more than physical.

Valentine's day 2004, and this is after Ian took both Cheryl and I out to dinner together AS FRIENDS, we were walked in on by Ian's roommate, who had suspected it for a long time. He didn't see us "doing" anything and we were, mind you, fully clothed, but we were definitely on his bed together. I went out without Ian that night to a party. It was at this party that I met RT. My soon-to-be-new-roommate, Salina, introduced us and made an attempt to set us up. Thinking that I'd probably get dinner and some positive, accepted attention out of this, I went along with it. He was a total sweetheart, he was a down-home country boy from rural Wisconsin and he worked on cars. Like, good body, wearing a white t-shirt while being all greasy worked on cars. He wasn't particularly bright, but he was nice and very sincere.

So RT wined and dined me for about 6 or 8 weeks. In that period, he did incredibly sweet things for me. He "stole" my bike and replaced a blown out tire and tund up the whole thing without being asked to do so, he brought me little rpesents, he never forgot to call, he even turned off the Nascar channel in favor of CSI, which doesn't interest him. Things got serious and one thing lead to another...which was immediately followed by him admitting that he had been lying about his "status" the whole time we'd been dating, if you know what I mean.

THAT whole carade happened simultaneously with Ian refusing to speak to me, yet making me CD's with "I'll Cover You" from RENT and "If I Fell In Love With you" and leaving them all over my room for me. One day, he made me one with "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds on it. I was in the gym eating lunch (there's a juice bar) and I started bawling. Hours later, RT had been dumped.

But we still had to tell Cheryl, who isn't an idiot, and had suspected something for weeks now (Disclaimer: I never did cheat on RT, at least not physically, but it's hard to escape one's mind) but was giving the benefit of the doubt because she refused to believe that people would do something so bad to someone they loved.

Well, we did. And we owned up to it. And Cheryl moved out hours later, followed by a disgusted Emma. And it's just what we had to deal with for doing what we did. But that's what we get for going about it the way we did.

As for right now, Cheryl and Ian are my two rocks. Cheryl and I went through a lot of talks and even counseling but it was all because we knew how special our relationship was and is.

Here's a couple pics, one of me and Cheryl and another of me and Ian:

(I'm on the left)

This is an old pic, but one of my favorites. Hooray for soft focus lenses!

Hope you enjoy my me know if anyone actually reads it
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Yeah, we will have been together 2 years March 20th and we have been best friends for 6 years. Yes, I am the dummy that heald out on him for 4 years. I loved him, there was just a whole lot of situations that make it difficult for us to be together but I think I can honestly say he is the best guy I have ever meet. We have lived together for about a year and 5 months and it has been wonderful!! The first year was a little tough but nothing a little communication could not fix and we have totally jelled this year. Money is always tight and school is always stressful but we are that cute couple that makes ever one else sick. We just got our first kitty 7 weeks ago and she is ready to give birth anyday. I can not wait. I wish she would have them already. She is so cute and lumpy. So there has been hinting of a "special" anniversary gift we will see......
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I read it!!!

What a sweet story! Filled with suspense and betrayl!

I'm glad you and Cheryl are still friends though!
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Wow... that's a really complex story and I'm glad you two are still friends too!
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Me and Jeff met online almost 2 1/2 years ago. We talked on the phone for a few weeks and then agreed to meet up. I wasn't really interested but he seemed interesting and someone I could become good friends with. I was only 16 at the time so it was a little immature but I guess it worked out in the long run lol. When we first met in person I wasn't attracted to him, he had tried really hard to impress me lol a few weeks later was my homecoming dance and me and my friends didn't know where to go to party afterwards. He lived about 30 mins away and so me and my friends drove out there for a few parties. We were together all night and my curfew was 2 for that night. We ended up talking on the phone until 5 and the rest is history. He finally made it official about 2-3 weeks later on Sweetest day. That was Oct 18th 2003 and we've been together ever since We won't get engaged until we're financially stable because I really don't want a long engagement.
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This is such a great idea for a thread! Fantastic stories everyone!

Max and I met over the phone, after he'd moved to the Gastro Department from admissions. He worked at a big public hospital in Perth, and I work for a gastroenterologist who does procedures at that hospital. Max and I had to talk a lot over the phone and liaise my boss's theatre lists.

The first time we ever spoke I knew we were going to end up together. We got to know each other over the phone for a few months, and also emailed each other a lot. When we finally arranged to meet it was very exciting. We met at a bar in the city, and talked for about four hours non-stop. I dropped him off to his car, because I had to go and pick up my brother from the airport, and he kissed me after saying goodbye, and again through the window, and again before he left...and I almost died

We've been together ever since that night. No games, no questions asked, just firmly together. We've been living together since June and are planning to start a family next year, hopefully. He told me I was the first person he's been able to fall in love with for ten years, ever since he was hurt very badly by an ex, and he's the best thing that ever happened to me. I will be divorced in two weeks - I had been separated for almost a year before I met Maxey - but neither he nor I are ready for marriage just yet. We're happy the way we are. I would love it if he asked me, but if he doesn't, that's ok, too!
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I've recently discovered that there appear to be THREE rings of marriage.... and now I know what the Russian tri-colour wedding bands mean.

Engagement ring
Wedding ring
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Jeremy and I 'met' back in April 2000 in a game called Asheron's Call.
We hit it off imediately and I traveled here to meet him in person that June.

Long distance relationships suck, and it was pretty bumpy.

In Summer 2002 while I was down for a visit, he presented me with a diamond promise ring.
I moved down here in Spring 2003 and we've been together since.
And now we play World of Warcraft

He wants to surprise me when he officially asks me, and he wants to find a unique way in which to do it.
That and we have to get a pre-nup drawn up.

Other than being legal and official though, we are a very close, very happy couple.
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I like this thread! Me and Patrick met in high school, I was a sophomore and he was a junior. We went to a small high school, but never really talked until a mutual friend told us we should go out. First date was actually a group date, but he took me home. We had our first kiss that night (yes I kissed on the first date), January 27, 2001. Since then we've gone through some tough times but always came out together! I broke up with him for a very short time (about 3-4 weeks) a month or so after our first date. I felt like I needed to "date other people" because he was only the 2nd guy I had gone out with since my parents allowed me to officially date. After talking with two other guys and never feeling that same happy feeling, we got back together. Never been apart since. (In our hearts anyways). I say that because since he was a year ahead of me, he left for college. But he came home every weekend and we talked on the phone uncounted numbers of hours. (My dad eventually got him put on our cellphone plan to save money). Now we are in college together, just celebrated our 5th anniversary. I can't wait to get engaged, but have a feeling he will wait til we graduate (next may). I'd like to get engaged before then, but I can wait for him. His parents are kinda pressuring him to wait til graduation because they feel we need to be out of school. Yes I want to be out of school before we get married, but I don't see the harm in getting engaged before then. Ya know? Then by the time we graduated, stuff would be ready so we could get married soon! But he is well worth the wait, so we'll see!!
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