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Arrgh! Now I'm getting stressed

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The girls are being spayed on Friday morning and I'm starting to get stressed about it now Having read the posts about the pros and cons of pre-anaesthesia bloodwork and lumps, I'm now getting worried. I've opted not to have the pre-op bloodwork - my vet said the girls were healthy and it would be more for me than for them and it's not going to tell me what I actually want to know which is whether they are likely to be allergic to the anaesthetic.

This is more a question directed to UK cat owners as I know protocols vary from country to country... Did you opt for the pre-op bloodwork prior to neuter/spay? And how did you come to your decision?
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I never had any bloodwork done on my two when they were spayed.

On the day of their operation the nurse took them from me to let the vet check them over before putting them under and as long as she was ok with that then so was i

Your a mum and your worried which is only natural, but they'll be fine you'll see
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We never had pre-bloodwork done either. I'm sure your babies will be just fine.
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I have had pre-op bloodwork done for all three of my kitties. The primary reason I did was due to the fact that Tibby and Molly came from a colony and I didn't have a clue where Willow was from.

The bloodwork we had determined liver and kidney function (among other things), because if they are unhealthy, it can be affected by the anaesthesia.

I also wanted to get a general baseline for their future and found it really put my mind at ease!

Don't worry about the spay, Bella and Cinders will be just fine! They'll be back to being themselves in no time after they get home!

to you!
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Thanks guys - I feel a bit better now!
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I was just reading my pre-op handout from my vets and it has a very good explanation of pre-op testing!

I'll give you a brief overview of it!

Pre-op testing is often recommended to uncover not readily apparent problems. The tests may include; blood tests (blood cell counts and chemistry), urinalysis, electrocardiogram, x-rays.
Any abnormalities detected may require correction before surgery or indicate a different anaesthetic should be used. This way they can minimise the risk of surgery and anaesthetic. You vet or vet nurse will advise you if which testing is appropriate.

I know Bella and Cinders will be fine, but I thought that this was quite helpful!
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Thanks for that - it was very useful I was having a look at my pre-op sheet last night as well but the pre-op testing they do seems to be more to check how the organs will dispel the anaesthetic and if there are any underlying organ problems. It also says that testing is mandatory for animals over 7 but that is irrelevant to me at this stage. I may still have a longer chat with my vet tomorrow when I drop them off.

I'm going to spend all evening tickling their tummies tonight cos I won't be able to do it for a couple of weeks after tomorrow!
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I'm pleased it was useful!

I spoke to my vet this morning about the pre-op bloods and they said that it wasn't essential, but for over 7 years, it is!

Like I said, I just wanted to get a baseline when I had all my kitties speutered!

I hope you enjoy all the tummy tickling!! I know Bella and Cinders will!

Good luck and good }}}VIBES{{{ to you all for tomorrow!
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I feel so horrible Late last night I had the girls following me around as I was tidying up the kitchen. Everytime I stopped, they were there, looking up at me all hopeful that I would give them some food and then when I didn't they looked so sad!! I didn't sleep very well because they kept coming up to me and meowing and because I felt so bad for them, I had to give them kisses and cuddles

Then this morning they cried all the way to the vets. The vet let them share a kennel so that they could stay together and when I tried to say bye to my babies, all I could see was 2 scared and hungry little girls huddled together looking at me hopefully. It just broke my heart

I can't wait to get them home tonight for cuddles
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Awww don't worry weve all been there

I bawled my eyes out both times when i handed them over to the nurse, and when Sophie went she stared me straight in the eyes when the nurse took her carrier which set me off

Just a few hours and they'll be back home with you
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As Susan said, we've all been there!

I bawl my eyes out each time I have to leave my babies! I have to sit in the car until I can compose myself and then drive home!

They'll be back home with you in no time at all!!
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Just got a phone call - the girls are awake and doing fine . I can bring them home from 4pm

I'm soooo relieved and happy!! Thanks for all your support guys! I'm off to clean the house now to make sure it is spotless for when they come home. Hurrah!
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Yay! There you go, you can relax now

I think most of us have done the " clean the house " as well while their at the vets, if only to keep our minds occupied

Oooooh just under 2 hours to go as well

I had Sophie home by 2.p.m because she had come out of the anaesthetic quickly, but she was crying the surgery down and stressing the animals in the waiting room!. What a noise she was making when i walked through the door
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I'm so pleased to hear that all went well - and that you have a spotless house!

I bet you're thoroughly looking forward to having them home again with you! I wonder if two little girls will be getting special treats for their tea tonight?!!
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I'm glad to hear that everything went well!
I know what you mean about feeling horrible about not being able to feed them, but it is for their own good, and they can probably have a little something (special) this evening. How are they feeling now?
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They are completely and utterly hyper!!!

I've just started a new thread called "Post Spay Stress" and would really appreciate some advice
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