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Some one please help me?

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I had 5 cats and when the tiny calico stray came onto my front porch I couldn't resist taking in the obviously starving and sick feline. I named her Miss Kitty and planned to have her fixed, unfortuneatley my oldest cat, Stinky, got to her first. She is now pregnant and has been so since the beginning of March, (by my calculations). I am no stranger to having pets especially cats but I have never had one to become pregnant, and Miss Kitty is a constant worry for me. I don't know how old she is but I assume she is a ripe age, since she has a cataract on one eye. She has been pregnant for an estimated 52 days give or take a few. She is not getting any larger around the belly and has not given birth yet, she has begun to wander around my home crying for no apparent reason and recently I noticed a yellow fluid leaking from her "delicate area". I do not believe she has miscarried because she has not become any smaller and i think I can still feel the kittens move inside of her. I don't know if any of this is normal and it is beginning to worry me. I would appreciate any insight into my problem since the only vet in my area is a cold man who is responsible for more eventual deaths and unneccesary suffering of animals than any vet I know.

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First of all, you are new so I admit I don't know any more of your situation than what you say here, so I know I may be jumping the gun, but as a cat lover and former rescuer, I implore you to get ALL your animals altered. If Stinky "got to" Miss Kitty you can bet he's getting to all the other unspayed in-season females in your immediate area. Even if he's an indoor kitty, most kitties get out at least occasionally. Few of them are not darters.

As far as your stray, it sounds like her bag of waters is leaking. Since she's not to term yet by your calculations, she really does need to go to a vet, the sooner the better. If the kittens are in danger but still moving there might be time to avoid a tragedy. Any chance of going out of your area? Is there a vet you could at least call to have either peace of mind, or your fears confirmed (which is not a bad thing if there is an emergency situation).

It's very late and I have to work in the morning, but I'll stay on as long as I can to see if you will reply and/or someone else comes on to offer assistance.
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Well, you were online when I finished posting this, but now you have gone off-line, so I'm going to go to bed and pray that Miss Kitty is okay, at least until you sign back on or get assistance elsewhere. Or maybe next time I visit I will learn from your post that her bag of waters broke because she was laboring, and you are the proud grampa of a basket of newborn kittens!
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She could be close to having her kittens. You will notice she is will get more anxious, start pacing and nesting and looking for a safe dark place to have her babies. It is good to provide her with a birthing box, a cardboard box full of soft material that she can nest in, with sides low enough for her to get out of but that the kittens can't fall out of. Good luck.
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Indeed, its good to get all of your animals fixed, male or female.
Just think, that would of never happened had you gotten them fixed

But now you have to worry about brining more soon to be homeless animals into the world *sigh*

Anyhow. cats are normally pregnant for only 48 weeks. Sometimes 49, but that's streching it. If you say she's been pregnant for 57, you need to get her looked at.
Go to Pet Education, and look up some info on queens and their kittens.

Most momma cats will stop eating/drink a day or 2 before they are about to go into labor.
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Anglez00! 48 WEEKS?

Even us humans only have to carry the load for 38 WEEKS!

It's 9 weeks, silly!

Which, if daddy's calculations are correct, means she's not due yet, which may mean she's in trouble.

But that's such a hard date to pinpoint, she could indeed be ready to domino!
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I know your heart is in the right place, because you adopted all of those needy cats. However, you're young and probably didn't realize that pets can be an expense! I'm sure you'll do your best to find homes for these babies, because you will love them. You have a good heart. Somehow, however, you will have to find a way to get your animals neutered. People don't want to pay for domestic short hairs, and it is NOT safe to advertise, "free to a good home."
Nine weeks is right for kitty's pregnancy. I hope you have a secluded, cozy place for her.
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Daddyo......*G* I am going to move this to the Cat Health forum where there are more experienced cat owners that go there. Good luck..
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Well, first I would like to thank everyone for answerig my question. I did call the local hack, (I mean vet), and he said that most likely she has an infection which I am treating with antibiotics, he also said that if she is trying to miscarry, which is unlikely this late in the pregnancy, there is really nothing I could do. So I hope that she is just preparing to give birth since I haven't seen her eat today or yesterday. I have tried to make a secluded place, (in my closet), with a cardboard box filled with rags. Unfortunately it is difficult to keep the other little girls, (Precious and Samantha), out of the closet. I know that cats are expensive and I knew they would have to be fixed when I got them, the local vet only charges $30 a cat, 3 of my babies have an appointment, but now I have heard many many many horror stories about the Doctor. I am very scared to leave my cats with him and actually let him perform surgery on them. The other vet closest to me charges $65 female and $48 male and although I trust him I just cannot afford that espicially since I have 3 girls that need to be fixed. So I don't know if I should just let the local vet do the "fixing" or save for a very long time to take them to the "good doctor"?

Anyway I've rambled long enough, thanks for everyone's help with my problem, and please pray that Miss Kitty and her kittens will be ok.
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I hate hearing about bad vets! I have had my own run-in with them. Could you call a local animal shelter and find out if they offer low-cost spay and neuters and find out who the vet is? There are many on the board more experienced than myself who breed cats and know all the danger signs prior to pregnancy. I generally get the kittens after they are born and no one wants them. So hopefully, Ms. Kitty will be fine as will the kittens. If there is someway you can keep her in a small room with the door closed, that will stop the other cats from encroaching into her territory till the kittens arrive. Good luck!
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*hangs her head in shame*

I can not tell you HOW many times I have said the words 48 weeks. When I mean 48 days...

I have some perminate brain failure problems !!
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You all have been so great in helping me and Miss Kitty, we realy appreciate it. Since I have never had a pregnant kitty before I don't really know what behavior passes for normal. Miss Kitty goes to the litter box frequently and tries to urinate, the results are little or nothing, I suspect her kittens are laying on her bladder and she only feels like she has to pee. I could be wrong that's why I'm asking. Also is it normal for an expected mother to be so active? Ever so often she feels frisky and runs through the house, or chases the tassel on a rug and has even played with the other cats. (Of course I watch and make sure they don't play too rough) Are these things usual for a pregnant cat?

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It is normal for them to remain active until right before birth. With the urination, I would think about calling the vet to do a test. It's not impossible that they kittens may be laying on her bladder, but more than likely it may be some sort of infection going on.
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I would be very careful with that bladder problem of your cat !!!
Of course , the kittens COULD be the cause , but you are not sure about that !! She can possibly have an infection (very painful !!) or even little stones in her bladder . This must be treated as soon as possible !!
Hope all goes well !! Please let us know how things are going now . I sure hope that the litter is okay !!!

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If your cat is that far along, she should be peeing frequently, if she isnt' you should definatly report that to your vet, and tell them how many times per day she did go.

Also are you leaving a constant food supply out for her? (free feeding). As in you always leave dry food for her day and nite, and then treat her with kitten wet food 1-2 times per day? Or more if she will eat it.
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Yes Mis Kitty has a constant supply of dry food. Is this a problem? I've tried feeding her wet food, (which she tries to cover up with the rug) and kitten chow which must not appease her appetite. She really won't eat anything but the dry food and potato chips.
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She needs extra calories while she is gestating, and will also while she is lactating. Can you maybe try a different brand of kitten food?
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No, its good that she has a constant supply of dry food. It should be kitten food.
Get one of those dispenser from walmart, their like $3 each and it holds like 2 or so pounds of food. Mix in what food she is on now, with some high quality kitten food.

As for the canned food, what types have you tried?
There are many I could recommend for you from 'pet stores' but if you are limited to grocery stores/walmart. Buy the fancy feast that does NOT have by-products in it.
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Just wondering how Miss Kitty is and how you are doing with all the kitty-fusion in your home!??!
Let us know when you can.
I am sorry to read about the Vet situation in your area and your concerns. I hope all will work out soon!
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Since Miss Kitty has been taking the antibiotic she seems to be doing better. I haven't seen any of the symptoms I noted before. I just wish the kittens would hurry and get here. I want to make sure that they, along with Miss Kitty, are all alright. The waiting is killing me.

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Glad she is doing better - you be sure to keeep up updated on those new pending arrivals!
Have a good day..
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