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New cat in the house

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Hi everyone!

I hope I'm doing this right - it's my first post and I'm in need of some advice!

Three weeks ago, I found an injured black shorthaired stray cat and took it to the vet. It had abcesses on a front and a rear paw and required an operation, so I said, you might as well desex him while you have him asleep. So, he has been living in my spare bedroom. As of Monday this week, he has all his stitches out, his bandages off, he's been wormed, vaccinated, deflead and named Lucky, and now it's time to meet the resident cats.

Now, prior to all this, my 3 year old desexed male Russian Blue cross Timmy has intensely disliked this cat when he saw him through the window. My other cat, 3 year old desexed female fluffy black Sasha, was quite indifferent to him when he was outside the window.

My cats are indoor with access to a cat-proofed outdoor patio/shadehouse area.

For the last week or so, when Timmy and Sasha have been outside, I have been letting Lucky out of his room into the rest of the house, but not outside. He has used Timmy's litter tray, and eaten out of the other cats' food dishes, so his scent is well and truly throughout the house, and this hasn't bothered Timmy and Sasha.

I have let Sasha inside when Lucky has been out of his room, but unfortunately, Lucky "trotted" towards Sasha. She hissed and took off, with Lucky trotting after her. I'm sure he wasn't being aggressive because his tail was up in the air - he just wanted to be friends!

I tried an introduction with Timmy, with a large towel handy, and when Timmy hissed and growled at Lucky (who showed no fear, which is a bit of a worry since he had so recently been badly beaten up by another cat!), so I dropped the towel between them like a door, and got Lucky back into his room.

For an outdoor cat who has suddenly become an inside cat, he's doing remarkably well, but I would really like them to all get on together!

Has anyone got any suggestions on what I should try next.

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Time is the best answer, and just keeping an eye on things for now. It might be a good idea to see that they eat out of their own bowls (at least I do that - have set mealtimes, then put bowls away - less chance of bugs, contagion (of anything) and they know their bowl is their bowl. Also, make sure you have at least 3, if not 4 litter boxes - that's not excessive. And kill yourself to play equally with all of them (don't turn Lucky into your 'baby').
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Thanks for your advice Larke. I guess I am expecting too much too soon and should be patient - after all, there's plenty of time and it's better not to rush it.

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