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My boy got hurt

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Wawa slipped out one night and got himself into trouble. Don't know if he got into a catfight but it looked like a dog bit him. Anyway, he got this big "hole" in the neck. What's amazing he acts normal and it doesn't seem to hurt. He was okay at the vets too except when he got injected with antibiotics. Wawa is very territorial and he often gets into mischief. Now he is being a good patient and doesn't mind being under house arrest. But I know that once the wounds heal he'll be off again.
Anyway, thanks for listening.
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Aww bless him, i'm pleased to hear it's nothing serious though
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awwww Wawa - you silly boy you. Please be careful young man!!!

hope he heals up quickly
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Here are some hugs and kisses for Wawa.xo xo xo
Now stay out of trouble sweetie pie.
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Really glad he's ok, must have been so scary for him!
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Oh Wawa, what have you been doing?!!

Yayi, I'm so pleased to hear he's okay! You must be really pleased to know that it wasn't anything serious!
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I'm glad he's okay. Wawa, what were you up to?
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Wawa, silly boy! Stay home and no more boo boos!
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