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My heat just went out!

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Oh yuck. And its supposed to be SUPER cold tonight.

I called maintainence, but they acted like I was crazy. I guess no one else has called them yet... but my radiators are all cold! and so am I!

What do I do?
I'm thinking of going to Walgreens to buy a space heater to put in the bedroom, but I am afraid the cat might burn himself on it.. not to mention I will have to shut the door to my room to keep the heat in. I could bring his litter and stuff in there too, but I can't sleep with him in the room.. he keeps me up!


that's the end of my rant. thanks for reading.
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Lots and lots of blankets??
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Hmm, that sucks. Hopefully they get it back up and working soon! Space heaters scare me... always think they're gonna start a big fire.
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Brrr. thanks for the sympathy

I think its coming back on, but I it takes awhile for the radiators to heat up. Good thing the kitty likes to sit on my feet.
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Oh man that is NOT good. I'd recommend Lots and Lots of blankets and keep that kitty on your feet! If you have a heating pad... turn it on and put it down there by your feet.
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not matter how cold the nite, dawn is near...
hang in there.. with heaps of blankets...

lotsa meOws,
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I have a little space heater that I use for emergencies. It has a switch that turns it off it gets knocked over. And it turns off if something gets too close. I think that makes it relatively cat safe. (although I wouldn't leave it on while I am sleeping). The other kind that I think are pretty good are the heaters that look like radiators. They are coils, filled with oil, you plug them in, and they heat up and radiate the heat. Other than the heating element, there's nothing that could cause a problem.
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I've got two (one at home, one at work) that shuts itself off after heating to the temp. I want. I will only have it on if I'm in the room though.

But yea, at work, my office was built on a corner w/o ANY insulation. I have one built in heater plus the foot heater (and thick wool sweaters) to keep it warm in here!
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Oh no! I remember the heat went out in my apartment last year. My landlord was out, and I didn't know what to do. Being 18 and "independent" wasn't what it was cut out to be. I got all my blankets, including my electric blanket which is my favorite thing EVER, and huddled on the futon with my bunny. I miss Jezebel (the bunny), but if she had never gone I wouldn't have Title and all these little kittens..
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If you are going to buy a "space heater" buy a ceramic heater-they are a bit more safe. (home depot has them on sale right now). Sears has them too.
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That must really suck! My dad stayed home yesterday sick and there heat went out too! Hopefully it gets fixed soon!
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