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my three bees

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well its been so long i figured i should put up some pictures of my baby baylee and brandie hope you enjoy!


"have i told you lately that im a princess?"


"you woke me up to play with a lazer?!"


"sometimes i need to relax and smell the roses"
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Aww, your 3 b's get an A++ Megan
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Awwwwww that 4th picture looks like my Rosie from the back
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Great pictures, Megan!! Your babies are just gorgeous!
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They are absolutly adorable!!!!
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pretty kitties! I love that little heart-shaped marking on Baylees face......
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Awwee they are adorable! And Brandie is a sweet name for her But its spelled a little wrong... leave of the e and it is purrfect!

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Such a cute bunch of kitties! I have 3, also, and think that is a great number!
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thanks guys :-) baylee gave a "brrrrrr" as a thank you also.

i love the heart on her face too, but when i was looking at kitties her tail was the deciding factor...

looks like she got into some trouble with paint
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