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Amusing, But Peculiar Behaviour...

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Recently in the last month or so, my 5 year old cat Spliff has started doing something very odd...he has a favourite toy, which is a refillable fuzzy catnip pouch shaped like a strawberry. We have had the toy for about 6 months or so now, and both cats enjoy playtime with it daily (chase and fetch, jumping and attacking it.). But normally after a few hours of amusement, they bore of it and it sits by the bed until we play the next day. However lately when I get up in the morning Spliff will have dragged it into the bathroom, and placed it in his extra water dish which is always filled. I'll always find him right there, drinking his specially flavoured "catnip tea"! He actually brings the toy in there and deliberatly puts it in his bowl to make the "tea", and drinks about 3/4 of the water, leaving a soggy green water and sopping wet toy behind for me to clean up! this use to only happen occasionally and we'd have a good laugh at him and his "addiction"...but now it's become an obsession to the point where he does it daily...it takes a while to clean mushy catnip out of the toy! Now i have to hide the toy after playtime, but he just meows mournfully into all hours of the night. That doesn't bother me, i just feel bad for not giving him his catnip tea fix for the day. (Withdrawls are never good, lol)

My question is, is he possibly lacking something in his diet to make him develop this habit? We have many bowls of water around the house for both kitties. We also grow a big pot of cat grass for them, which they both love. They eat Techni-Cal Hairball Control food, which has a lot of fiber. He eats regularly, drinks the same, uses the litter box the same. I just don't understand. Could he have possibly just developed a craving for it? anyhow, any feedback or advice would be great! I hate having to take away the catnip toys because they usually play with them a bit at night, and pay no interest to the other plain toys. Thanks again!

~Roz, Spliff and Fatty~
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My kitty will do this occasionally. I don't think she's lacking anything in her diet, I think she just likes playing with her toy and doesn't want to put it down long enough to get a drink or eat! Much like a child with their favorite toy at the dinner table.....

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Both of my kittys drop things into the water dishes around the house. Button's favorite things to play with, (after I have spent a small fortune on toys and things LOL) are colored pony tail holders. The round stretchy kind and she won't play with any color but the red ones. LOL I buy a package every month or so and dig the red ones out. She loves to drop them down the vents in the floor. Every morning, I will find one in her water. Jazzie loves bubble gum wrappers. He bats themaround and carries them from room to room and tosses them. Once again, every morning, there will be atleast one wrapper in his "special" watering bowl. L:OL

It cracks me up seeing their little quirks.

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As he likes catnip tea, maybe you should buy some of the Catnip Tea bags (especially for cats!)

You never know, it may save the strawberry toy!
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I agree with Sarah. Nothing wrong with dropping a few bits of catnip into the water for him so he doesn't need to dip the toy in.
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Haha, okay, thanks for the advice...I'll have to check out those tea bags, I'm sure he'd love that!
I go through the same thing with hair elastics...lol. They love all colours! Another thing they love to steal are hoop earrings...i find alot of those in my vents as well!

Again, thanks for the help!
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