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Eyes rolled back

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We own a Bengal cat that just became pregnant during her first heat. Her eyes have rolled back about a quarter of the way. They stay that way all the time. Is this normal?
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Hi and welcome to TCS.

She sounds quite sick and most likely needs a vet right away. When you say her eyes have rolled back, do you mean that her third eyelid has come across a bit? Either way, a vet visit is a good idea.
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Yes, that is exactly what I mean. It looks like she has a second pair of eyelids. Why do you say she needs a vet? what do you think her problem is?

Thanks for the quick reply
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When the third eyelid is across, it means the cat is unwell and/or dehydrated.

There are two ways to check for dehydration:

Pinch test - Gently pull the skin up on the back of the cat's neck and release. If the cat is well hydrated, the skin will snap back into position in a second. If the cat is dehydrated, there will be a 'tent' in the skin that takes longer to go back into place.

Gum test - With clean hands, lift the cats lip and gently press on the gum and release. The gum should turn white for a second and then return to a nice pink colour. If the gum stays pale or is greyish, the cat is dehydrated.

It could be anything - an infection, a kitten has died in-utero, poisoning (from plants or household chemicals) - anything.

As I said, a vet visit is a good idea, especially because she is pregnant.
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When the third eyelid is showing, that is an indication of a sick cat. Please get her to the vet as soon as possible.
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