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Does your cat only knead on a certain things?

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I got to thinking about Lily & how she kneads. She only seems to knead on fleece. She will push all other blankets out of the way on my bed so she can knead on my microfleece blanket. She will knead when I am covered up on the couch with the fleece blanket. She will jump down to the floor to knead when the fleece blanket that is normally on the couch is on the floor. She will knead on the back of the couch when the blanket is there. We have even found her burrowed in mom & dad's bed kneading on the fleece blanket.

When I am in bed, she will only knead on my chest or my armpit. Seems weird to me, but then again, the kneading would seem weird to most people. I appreciate it that she loves me so much.

Does your cat pick a specific area or object or texture to knead on?
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My cats knead on everything, but in addition to us, they do seem to prefer fleece-like materials.
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Pixel only kneads on me...& if i'm in bed, she won't knead me thru the covers - i must remove the covers so she can touch me
CAble will knead either me or Pixel, but i've never seen her knead anything inanimate.
i've never seen Java knead anything.
i miss Mouse - she would knead the small of my back - kitty massage!
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Sam kneads me and love my flannel pajamas, with sweatshirts being second best.
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PJ paws and kneads boxes, or people... mostly people. She is a very deep kneader and it hurts, but we never stop her - it's just too sweet. She kneads my fiance' much more then me.
Teddy likes one side, of one chair. He's more pawing then kneading, but he does both there. He'll sometimes knead my legs too - no one else's, though. Aww.
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My kitties only knead on my tummy. I love it as much as they do.
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I have never witnessed Stevie kneading, but Layla kneads her fleece bed and sometimes my comforter that is 100% cotton. It is so cute to watch and I would love for my girls to knead me! I adopted them on 1/2/06 so do you think that one day they will???
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Sister will knead anything, and she also hurts. Tiny only kneads her favorite blue fleece blankie. Bucky isn't much of a kneader.
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Samuel seems only interested in kneading me. Specifically, my back and head. It kinda hurts, but its kinda cute too. I'll let him do it for a little while but it keeps me awake.
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Harley usually only does that on our fleece blankets too!
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Neela kneads on us mostly.Blaze will only knead on a fleece blanket or one of our fleece jackets.
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I've never seen Sophie knead, but Rosie only kneads on her first blankie that she had from being a kitten
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My kittys knead on me and everything else. Even my face! *ouch*
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My cat will "test" my lap first to see if it's ok to knead on me. Obviously if I'm wearing shorts or pajamas, she stops when she sees a reaction. (She still has her claws). If I'm wearing denim or any other heavier fabric pants, she goes to town until she's ready to settle down and nap. She does the same thing at midnight when she's getting ready to settle into bed with us.
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My oldest Pepper, doesn't knead at all, she never did. But my kitten Pixie, she'll knead either myself or my bf and the duvet on our bed...needless to say I'm thankful she doesn't use her claws when she kneads.
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Leo only kneads blankets. He prefers fleece, afghans and duvets.

Gracie and Raph only knead me and Ian, period, end of discussion.

So I guess, yes, they only knead certain things!
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Title kneads me.. and blankets.. and any other soft thing really. She also does this weird thing with one of my blankets. I think she may be suckling or something, I'm really not sure. It's only with that one blanket though.

Also, whenever she drinks, she sort of walks in place with her front legs. It's the weirdest thing, but really funny. It's sort of like she's trying to knead the floor. My poor baby was taken away from her mum too early, so she still does a lot of kitten stuff I think.

Well, she still is technically a kitten, right? Is it up until 1 year old?
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Sam kneads anything knitted. If I am wearing a woven fabric, he doesn't even bother, if I am wearing a knitted shirt, like a t-shirt, he's in heaven. He will try to shove my woven duvet cover aside to get to my knit fabric pj's. And he doesn't care about the texture, big chunky afghan, fine texture cashmere, if it's knitted, he's in love.
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Toffee will knead on the front of my neck between the 2 bones of your collar bones.He ends up chocking(sp?) me if he presses too hard.All the while purring his head off as he's not much of a purrer I let him until it starts tro hurt. Now with Magnum as he's just a baby still at 16 weeks old he hasn't really started kneading proberly yet but his purrs are monstrous.
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Maggie May kneads my stomach, arm and leg. Jazz kneads my stomach once in a great while, but always kneads the blankets!
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Tommy kneads Bonnie (My black cocker Spaniel x Poodle) she even sits ontop of her in her bed and kneads Bonnies back. He doesn't knead anything else.

Charlie hardly ever kneads he prefers to cuddle up to you in or out of bed.

Sol & Jade are both kneaders, they both hurt and Jade dribbles everywhere.
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The fleece blanket is a popular kneading spot for both manytoes and niles over here. Im a second choice, but if im under the fleece blanked, I become a kneading magnet. When Im in bed, niles will knead anywhere alongside me. Manytoes will also knead my leg if hes sitting on my lap on the couch. Im so glad they need me!
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She only kneads on certain blankets...which is why she didnt knead at all the first six months I had her - I got her in the spring and it took months for it to get cold enough for blankies. Now when I have the right blanket out...she goes into her trance and kneads away...and nothing else.
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Purdy only kneads on my armpit while he is laying on his back in my lap at the computer desk. The other two like to cuddle and be petted, but don't knead.
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Lucy kneads and sucks on fleece. Carly kneads the side of my neck. Much will drag anything she can find downstairs and then knead and suckles it on the main landing in front of the front door. I always check the landing before opening the front door.
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Mini is the only one that kneads.. she does it when we have just gotten settled into bed & have turned out the lights. She will eventually come up & knead the bedspread as part of her bedtime with Mom ritual. She prefers my chenille bedspreads because they are fuzzy, I think, & the tan one seems to be her favorite, because it's fuzziest. This is the only time she does it.
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mine kneads my belly.
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