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Jenn, I have to second what catsknowme said: You are a hero!!!
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That's enough mushy stuff now.......but thank you Eileen..... You are the hero for caring enough to make a post for Jimmy... You are the one! YOU!!

I feel like I am just fumbling sometimes with my kitties. Star has been outside for over 24 hrs now except for a tiny bit yesterday and she refuses to come in. She is staying in her kitty shelter on the porch and under the porch. I put two comfy bed pillows in there so she will be comfortable and have something soft but she will not come in. I lay on my stomach on the porch and reached in the shelter to pet her but she won't come out. It is a deep shelter. She does come out but she is wanting to sleep in there. I don't know why? She has never not wanted to come in the house since she has been coming indoors.. All the cats get along good with her. She is having some sort of setback or something. The last few days it has been storming and maybe that has something to do with it. I did get her in yesterday for a bit during the day but during the night she was outside underneath the porch. And she came in on her own with lots of coaxing on my part I found her by flashlight last night in between tornado scares last night. I shined the light through the cracks in the boards on my front porch and finally found her. She was hunkered up behind a large rock that the porch is built over. Missouri, in my area, is solid rock.

And tonight she is in her shelter again. I just don't get it. It is going to be cold tongiht but she has plenty of pillows to pile in and I propped one again the door hole partially so help hold heat in. It is going to be 30 degrees tongiht. I dont' want to spook her because the shelter is warmer than under the porch and I would rather her be in the shelter if she is outside.

It just worries me........ I know this is Jimmy's thread but little Star is on my mind tonight.... I hope she is ok. She seems to be but she is different than usual right now. I sure wish she would come in.

UPDATE: It is an hr or so later and I heard a horrible cat sound outside. Toe went out and I looked out. Star ran a huge cat out of "her" shelter.......hehe She shares it with Toe but not with some stranger cat.
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Okay, enough of the mush stuff for now, but expect some major mushiness when we meet and I have to say good-bye to Jimmy.

I wouldn't be surprised if the storm had something to do with Star's behavior. Sounds like she's a fiesty girl, though!
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ok.........deal. No mushy until then and then the major mush is on!!

It will be ok Eileen.... I promise.

And maybe it was the storm as far as Star.. Being born and bred in the wild, she probably knew the signs of a major storm. But I also think she is guarding the shelter. She doesn't want anyone in it but our cats. Fiesty? Absolutely..... Actually this is the first time I have ever seen her run a cat off. She is claiming her terrority. When she growled last night, all the cats ran to the door. Toe is the only one who went out and his tail was twitching back and forth. Star had her head stuck out of the shelter wide eyed and serious... so funny... But it seemed territorial....

This morning she was promply at the door meowing for her morning food. She would not come indoors however. I fed her and she is back in her shelter by my door... She is a silly girl kitty.

I have two shelters but this particular one is a huge cardboard box with a hole cut out that was for a 27" television. I have all the sides ducktaped so it has no airflow through the sides and is actually quite warm. It is tucked up against the side of the porch under our living room window. We have a long covered porch so it is quite snug as far as a cardboard shelter. And it is comfy inside. Star has deep pillows to snuggle inside it and a door pillow. It is dry. I might have made it too comfortable and that's why she doesn't want to come in.

But at least she's comfortable......

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Jimmy's headed to the vet later today to get a checkup, shots updated and be microchipped. It's going to be so hard to say goodbye to the big guy, even though I know it's for the best and am so grateful how things have worked out. Jimmy reminds me so much of my bridge kitty, Willy. I would adopted Jimmy myself if Claire hadn't come back to us. Does anybody remember the little female tuxedo I fostered in the fall - Jessie? Well, Jimmy's her big brother from an earlier litter. They were so cute together in foster care. She was so tiny then and he's so big. Wish I wouldn't have gotten a picture of them together before Jessie got adopted.

Better stop rambling before I get all mushy again!
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It would be hard for me to foster cats. I wouldn't be able to give em up.....
I feel for you. I really do.

A really good person fosters cats. I know it must be difficult.

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Just two more days until Jimmy goes to his new forever home!

He did great at the vet last night. Didn't hiss at all and she was able to examine him with no problems. She and the vet tech commented on what a big, handsome boy Jimmy is. I was thinking back to when we trapped him last year and working with the first few months. He purred when I held him in a towel and seemed to crave human contact. He just wasn't quite sure about it. This sweet boy has so much potential and I really believe he'll blossom, with time and patience, in Jenn's care.

We're both planning to hit the road early Sunday morning and meet in Fairview Heights, Ill. outside of St. Louis. Please send some safe travel vibes and calming vibes for Jimmy. It's going to be stressful day for the big guy, but will be worth when he gets to his new home. Thanks!
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Two more days!!!!!!!!!
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