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What Does This Mean?

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Hi everyone!

I have a question regarding my little calico female indoor kitty who will be 2 in May. Button Girl is a real character with a quirky personality that makes me laugh. She was spayed last September (2004) as was my male kitty, Jazzie Boy. (Well, he wasn't spayed...LMAO....he was nuetered )

Button Girl has started something funny and I thought I'd ask about it here. She walks up to me and holds her tail up high and just quivers. LOL Always to me. I'm sure it's something well known to cat people, but this is the first time I've had pets, and I'm new to all of this. LOL

Is she feeling frisky and it's just an inborn thing they do out in the wild when they are in heat, maybe? Since she isn't in heat and can't be in heat ever, I'm just puzzled. LOL I'm sure when I get the answer from you all here, I'll then, be embarrassed. LOL

Anyways, I love this forum here! Thanks!!!

AttaGirl (Button Girl and Jazzie Boy's Mama)
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She is marking you as hers! How sweet!

Cats have scent glands at the base of their tail and on the underside, on either side of their bottoms. The quivering movement is a release of scent, even if there is no actual spraying involved. It is the same thing with kneading ... the scent glands in their paw pads deposit scent on whatever they are kneading and mark it as "theirs". This begins when they are just minutes old as kittens ... as they knead the area around Momma's nipples when they nurse, not only to stimulate the milk flow but they are also leaving their own unique scent there and will return to THAT particular nipple when it is time to nurse again. When they rub their face on you, here again, scent is depositing, marking you as theirs.

Funny little creatures, aren't they?
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She just loves you!!

What a sweet kitty!
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How sweet!!! Your kitties love you!!! You must have an ear to ear grin right now!!!
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Wow!! Yes, I do have a big grin! LOL Well, Button Girl gives me the "quivers" and Jazzie Boy, my other baby, kneads me. Guess they both have marked me. LOL

At night, in bed, Button always has to be next to me on my stomach side and Jazzie is curled up close as he can get on my back. LOL Rolling over is a group effort, but I wouldn't change it for anything.

Thanks so much for the replies. I really appreciate them all!

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