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What are you having for V-day dinner?

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Okay! I am making a romantic dinner for two tonight. Heres the menu:

Grilled steaks
Corn on the cob
Velveeta Shells and Cheese
And Oreo Cream pie for dessert

Is there anything I am missing?

What are you making for dinner or is he/she cooking or are you going out to eat?
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I've got my beef marinating as I type.
I'm doing teriyaki beef and steamed rice.
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We are having orange roughy in a lemon cream sauce, fresh broccoli and rice pilaf (just as soon as I get home to make it)

For dessert - Haagen Daas ice cream - strawberry for him, vanilla (with tons of hot fudge sauce) for me.
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Nothing that I know of for tonite - but tomorrow night we are going to LAX to Famous Daves for ribs - YUM!
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Panfried sole fillets with Meyer Lemon and tarragon; fresh asparagus; parslied nugget potatoes; tiramisu if my bakery has any left by the time I get there, otherwise Gelato Spazzacamino.
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Everyone's dinner sounds so good! I don't know how quality our steaks will be. I have to stop after work to get them.
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I will be eating left over spaghetti and bread sticks...being single on Valentine's Day sucks.
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I'm making spaghetti and garlic cheese bread and then cheesecake for dessert...yum yum!
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Awwe! I am sorry! If you lived near me I would make and extra steak for you!! You always have your kitty for valentines day!
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Kaylee and I shared a german pea soup! She licked the bowl clean!

Teufel and i cuddled alot today! i know that doesnt count towards food but i just had to add it in!
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Hubby put a bbq beef brisket in the crock pot this morning. I haven't decided if I want to make asparagus or brocolli, but either way it's a tasty recipe from Cooks Illustrated. I will also make some type of potato, I'm thinking mashed. I will probably make tiramisu as well, assuming I can find some lady fingers. DH doesn't get off work for another four hours, so I have time. Now the question, which booze shall I use for the tiramisu? Here are my ideas:

Tuaca (Italian vanilla liqueur),
Frangelico (Hazelnut liqueur), or
light Rum

I'm leaning towards Frangelico because I like it in my coffee, and on the rocks with cream.
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We ate out on Sunday - avoiding the real crowds
I had the best whiskey glazed ribeye with baked potato, steamed brocoli and we spit a peanutychocolately dessert. DH as usual, had a huge burger and a good microbrew (and potato skins to start).

Tonight, he just wanted something simple - so tomato soup and grilled ham and cheese for him, chicken for me (probably in lemon juice, garlic and capers), he's picking up something special for a dessert.

Oops forgot, he did ask me to make seafood stuffed mushrooms, so I am and I have some wonderful fresh asparagus I'll be serving.
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Well my Valentines dinner was very boring. Beef stroganoff.

Then my fiance went to BED!! Without ME!!! So I played with the cats instead!!
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Were just having spaghetti. I told him we should eat like the little dinner on Lady and the Tramp where we both take one end of the noodle. He's not playing Oh well, it's still good. He offered to take me out but I didn't want to fight the crowds.
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Will is making us fajita's with morning star meatless chicken tenders, cheddar cheese, green peppers and salsa on our new George Foreman grill.
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I am roasting a chicken which I rubbed with herbs, we are having mashed potatoes and cornbread and green beans. We have fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream for desert. Dinner will be ready in about twenty minutes, all I need to do is mash the potatoes and serve.
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Mmm, sounds good! I'd love to join you, but I wouldn't want to kill the romance
I get to spend Valentines dinner alone (well, with my 2 furry boyfriends) while my fiance's at work. *cry* So I'm thinking...salami sandwich and some!
I hope all the rest of you have a better Valentines then I am!
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Yeah, doubtful. I had shrimp flavored Ramen noodles with eggs dropped in (very yummy!) and wine...and
My new flame had a crisis last night, his son got chicken pox! So, that cut out any plans for us!
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I started us off with margarita's. Dinner was Turkey cutlets with a mustard cream sauce served with steamed spinach. I made white and sweet potatoe oven fries (not very good) and turtle sundaes for dessert!!
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I had a leftover Taco Bell mexican pizza and a turkey burger w/ miracle whip- strange and sad I know- cupboards are getting bare again- oh yeah and a couple Girl Scout cookies for desert! can you tell I didn't do anything special for V-day?? but curiously enough, I wasn't depressed or lonely at all
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we went out to dinner and both had an italian sampler platter.. Came with stuffed shells, lasagne, deep fried ravioli, and chicken alfredo. It came with a salad, dessert, bread, and drink It was some valentines day 2 for $24.99 special so bf got off pretty easy on vday and boy was it yummy!
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