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Picky Eater

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Hello Everyone!

I just love this forum. I have two totally indoor babies. Both will be 2 in May. They have been very healthy and happy (which makes me happy) and I've been accused as being obsessive about them. LOL

My problem is my male cat, Jazzie Boy, whom lately I've been calling, "Picky Britches." He's a good boy...... always pottys in the litter box, doesn't spray and is very loving and likes to cuddle.

But, when it comes to finding food he will eat, he drives me crazy. LOL When I first got them both, I went the purina dry kitten chow, because I had not found this forum and I figured it was good food and I had assorted flavors of the friskies or Nine Lives canned. I have always left dry food out in Feeders so they can eat whenever they want. I feed the canned food in the morning and again in the evening. They have always seemed fine with that.

Well I discovered this forum and wanted to get them on a better quality of food, so I bought the Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care Dry food and the Nutro canned for them. I gradually worked it in and Button Girl will eat anything and proceeded to wolf it down. Jazzie Boy would sniff it and walk away with this sad look on his face. He would just eat more dry food then.

After a week or two on Nutro by itself, I went and bought Natural Balance Canned food and tried it. Button Girl pigged out on it, but Jazzie Boy, once again turned up his nose. More sad looks.

Then I noticed Jazzie looked a little sunk in back past his rib cage and I felt that he maybe wasn't getting enough to eat, so I bought his favorite Friskies again and he ate like he was starved.

I wanted to keep them on a healthy food, but they both quit the Nutro Dry and would not eat it at all. So I went back to Purina Greens for them and they were happy.

But, now Jazzie seems to not be eating his Store brand Friskies wet food like he used to. He sniffs it and walks away, then later, I see him eating it, and this week a new development. Button had one day when she threw up small amounts of pumpkin colored smooth substance. No hairballs or food chunks. Then she had fowl smelling diahrea twice that day and she slept more than usual then the next day was her ol self again and has been fine ever since.

Jazzie, four days later, started the same thing. He threw up, the identical looking substance, had diahrea, but he has thrown up once a day now for 5 days. No more diahrea, but not sure why all of a suden he is doing this.

No coughing, and no hairballs evident, and he is playful and alert and seems fine, except for the throwing up once a day. I thought it was the greens since it is the same color as one of the kibbles in it, so I pulled it away, but it didn't make a difference.

They both are given the Advantage treament for any fleas that might come in, and they were both wormed, by injections at the vets, but not since last year when they were little. Do I need to go back and have a booster done? I've not seen any worms in the vomit or the poo.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. These are my babies and I guess I AM obsessed. LOL

Thanks So very much and I've really enjoyed reading all the postings.
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flavor wise your cats like chn and corn .... I would try Royal canin ... it is a good food without the by products and digest theyre getting now....

the do need to see the vet to rule out any big issues
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Thanks Sharky for your fast reply! Yes, I am taking them both into the vet this week to be checked.

I will try the food you suggested also. The old stray cats outside and the possums that come around are really glad I have a picky eater inside. LOL I give them the food that I buy that cats won't eat. I must say, the nutro has given the possum a pretty coat. LOL

They both have been spayed and nuetered and I keep up their Advantage, even though they don't go out, because of us tracking in fleas or eggs. Since possums hang out on my deck, and they are really bad for flea infestations.

Thanks Again!!
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I am so glad to hear about a possum with a lovely nutro coat...

Royal Canin and Nutro Max would be the ones to look at..
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Another good canned food that our 2 really like is Merricks (but not any of the seafood flavours). They prefer Granny's Pot Pie and Thanskgiving Dinner.
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